The common thing anyone does when they need to merge word documents is copying and pasting them into a single document. This manual process might be tedious when you are dealing with a document with hundreds of pages.

Microsoft Word makes the task easier with a feature to merge documents. The manual process of copying/pasting has no place in this feature. Let’s see how you can combine Word documents easily.

To get started, open a Word document in which you will combine the other document. Click on the ‘Insert’ tab in the ribbon/main menu.

It will show you options to insert Pages, Tables, etc. Click on the drop-down button beside the ‘document’ icon in the ‘Text’ section.

You will get options to insert an object or text from a file. Click on ‘Text from File…’.

It will open an explorer window. Select the file you wish to combine and click on ‘Insert’.

The text from the combined document will be added at the end of the current document. The formatting remains the same for text, images, graphs, etc. You can combine an unlimited number of documents using this feature.

Note: If you are combining a .DOC document to .DOCX document, chances are high that you lose formatting. You need to check and edit the document manually to get the formatting right.

How to Combine Multiple Documents

It is easy to combine/merge multiple documents on Word. But you must approach it carefully to avoid mix-up.

Put all the documents in a folder and rename them in the order you want to merge the documents.

Now, open a new document and click on the ‘Insert’ tab → Click on the drop-down arrow beside the ‘Document’ icon and select ‘Text from File…’

It will open an ‘Insert File’ dialog box. Browse and select the first file you need to combine and click the ‘Insert’ button.

The contents in the document will be added to the new document. Repeat the steps to combine all the documents. Just observe where the text cursor is before merging the other documents.

You may be wondering if you may select and insert them all at once? Yes, you can, but the documents are inserted in the order they are listed. You need to insert one document at a time to avoid confusion.