Microphones are a boon to mankind as it enables verbal communication on digital mediums. Especially at a time period when the whole world is engulfed in the pandemic, people are studying, working, teaching, and doing everything possible online, playing a major role amongst all these activities is the microphone.

Microphones have always been important and especially in this pandemic stricken world, they are proving to be a lifesaver to teachers, students, and countless others as almost everybody is communicating online.

Connecting Microphone to your Windows 11 PC

If you have a wired microphone, connecting it to your PC simply means plugging it in. However, if the microphone you want to use, uses Bluetooth technology to connect to other peripherals, there are a couple of extra steps you would need to follow.

To do so, go to the ‘Settings’ app by clicking on the Start menu situated on the taskbar of your PC.

After that, click on the ‘System’ tab from the sidebar present on the screen.

Now, click on the ‘Sound’ tab from the list present on your screen.

Next, scroll down and locate the ‘Input’ section, then click on the ‘Add device’ button present on the ‘Pair new input device’ tab.

This will open a separate ‘Add a device’ window on your PC.

From the separately opened window, click on the ‘Bluetooth’ option to proceed.

Note: It is recommended that you turn on and switch to the pairing mode on your external microphone before proceeding ahead.

Now, Windows will search for all nearby Bluetooth input devices. It might take some seconds for it to do that.

Once you are able to see your device on the screen, click on it to connect with your Windows 11 PC.

It might take few seconds for Windows to connect to your device. Once connected, you will be notified of the same on the ‘Add a device’ window. You can now close the window.

Testing Microphone on Windows 11

Once you have connected your microphone to your PC. Let’s now test it.

To test your device, go to the ‘Settings’ app from the Start menu on your Windows PC.

Then, click on the ‘Systems’ tab from the sidebar present on the ‘Settings’ screen.

Next, click on the ‘Sound’ tab from the list present on your screen.

After that, scroll down to the ‘Input’ section and click on the input device from the list you wish to test. For instance, here we are choosing the ‘Headset’ device from the list.

Now, click on the ‘Start test’ button present under the ‘Input settings’ section. Once you have clicked on the ‘Start test’ button, you can either talk in the microphone or play music from any device at a normal volume for a few seconds to yield accurate results.

During the microphone test, you will be able to see the ‘Input volume’ slider moving back and forth according to the intensity of the volume.

Once a few seconds have elapsed, click on the ‘Stop test’ button.

As soon as you stop the test, Windows will display the efficiency of your input device adjacent to the ‘Start test’ button.

Test and Adjust Your Microphone Senstivity

If in case, you were speaking or playing music at the normal volume during the microphone test but the result of the test is poor, you might need to adjust the sensitivity of your microphone to help it pick up voice better.

To do so, go to the ‘Settings’ app from the Start menu on your Windows PC.

Next, click on the ‘Systems’ tab from the sidebar present on the ‘Settings’ screen.

Then, click on the ‘Sound’ tab from the list present on your screen.

Now, scroll down on the ‘Sound’ settings screen and click on the ‘More sound settings’ option.

This action will open a separate ‘Sound’ settings window on your computer.

Then, click on the ‘Recordings’ tab from the separately opened window.

After that, click on the device name from the list you are facing the problem with. Then, click on the ‘Properties’ button situated on the bottom right corner of the window.

This action will open a separate ‘Properties’ window on your screen.

Now click on the ‘Levels’ tab present on the properties window.

After that, drag the slider towards the right side to increase the sensitivity of your microphone, you can also look at the number associated with intensity level to have a better sense of how much sensitivity you have increased.

After increasing the sensitivity level to your preference, click on the ‘OK’ button to confirm.

Now you may again run the microphone test for your device and check if the results have improved. Also, you might need to increase the sensitivity and test it again a few times to achieve a 100% result for your microphone test.

Well, folks, you can now connect, test, adjust sensitivity for your microphone on your Windows 11 PC.