How to Convert a Picture to PDF on iPhone

Two easy methods to convert pictures in your iPhone gallery to a PDF without the need for any third-party apps.

How to Convert a Picture to PDF on iPhone

Many a time you need to quickly convert a picture to a PDF while on the go. Though there are several online converters available, they are either clumsy, have a file limit, or might not work flawlessly on a mobile device.

Fortunately, your iPhone can natively convert pictures in your gallery to PDF documents without the need for any third-party app. The method is quick, simple, and easy to learn.

Convert Pictures to PDF Using the Print option

You can convert any pictures in your gallery to PDFs using just the Photos app and the Print option. Don’t worry, you don’t need a printer for this task. First, head to the Photos app, either from the home screen or the App Library of your device.

Next, locate and tap on the picture you wish to convert to a PDF. Now, tap on the ‘Action’ button from the bottom left to continue.

In case you wish to convert multiple pictures into a PDF file, from the Photos app, tap on the ‘Select’ button present in the top right corner.

Then select the desired pictures from the gallery. After that, tap on the ‘Action’ button to proceed.

In either case, tap on the ‘Print’ option from the actions menu that opens.

Now, on the print preview screen, pinch and zoom in on the thumbnail of the picture. This will open the picture in an overlay window.

After that, click on the ‘Action’ button again to continue.

As you can see, the description below the file name shows that a PDF document has been created. Now, you can either share it using your preferred app from the share sheet or save the PDF in the Files app by tapping on the respective option.

And that’s it, you have successfully converted the picture into a PDF on your iPhone.

Convert Pictures to a PDF File Using Books

If you don’t find the above method to your liking, you can also use the Books app to convert single or multiple photos to a PDF file.

Open the Photos app on your iPhone. Then, either open the single photo and tap the ‘Action’ button in the bottom-left corner.

If you want to convert multiple photos, tap the ‘Select’ option in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Then, select the desired photos and tap the ‘Action’ button.

In either case, tap on the ‘Book’ icon from the share sheet to create a PDF file and save it to the Books app.

The Books app will automatically open. Once the PDF is created, you will be able to view and access it in the ‘Library’ tab of the Books app.

You can even share the PDF file by tapping the three-dot menu in the bottom-right corner and selecting ‘Share PDF’ from the menu.

There you go, people. Using the two easy methods above, you can quickly create a PDF of single or multiple pictures from the gallery of your iPhone. Now, it all comes down to whichever method you prefer.