Canva has become a prominent name in the design community. It has got some amazing features and an incredibly intuitive editing interface. And with its assortment of templates, it’s a hit with the masses, even with a non-designing background. But not everything is sunshine and rainbows in the land of Canva.

Curving text seems like such a simple functionality, but for years, Canva hasn’t had it. People had to use elaborate hacks to implement something so simple. But after years of petitioning Canva to bring this feature, it’s finally here.

At last, there’s no more need for intricate and time-consuming hacks. And if you somehow missed the memo about the update and are still using these hacks, you’d be happy to know that you can now curve text in Canva in just a couple of clicks. Let’s see exactly how to do it.

Curving Text on Canva

Go to and click on ‘Create a design’ in the top-right corner to start a new design.

Choose the size for your design. For this guide, we are selecting ‘Instagram Post’. You can also select one of your previous designs to edit them.

Now, to enter text, either select ‘Text’ from the toolbar on the left. Or, press the ‘T’ key from the keyboard.

Once you’ve typed the text you want to curve, select it for further editing. You can select every element on a Canva design separately and edit it. To select the text element, just hover over it and click it. Canva will highlight it in blue color.

When you select an element, another toolbar will appear on top of the design with editing options specific to that element. Go to that toolbar and click the ‘Effects’ option.

The effects panel will appear on the left. Under the ‘Shape’ section, select ‘Curve’ to curve the text.

You can select the degree and direction of the curve from the slider beneath the Curve option. Slide right to further curve it in the downward direction, or start sliding it left below zero to curve in the upward direction.

And that’s it. Your text will be curved. It’s as simple as that.

Curving text is just a matter of a couple of clicks, but it can be hard to find it considering its position. But it’s as easy as a pie. It’s time to go and try the feature on your designs.