The Alarm app on our phones has long replaced alarm clocks for most of us. One of the reasons we all love our digital alarm clocks so much is the ability to have multiple alarms at once, other than the snooze feature, of course.

Unlike a physical alarm clock from the days of yore, you don’t have to choose between what to set the alarm for. Or tinker with the same alarm needle every time. Who even misses having to set the alarm for mornings again every time you need to set the alarm sometime during the day too? I bet none of us do.

And why will we when we can have a separate individual alarm for everything? You can even have multiple alarms set 5-minutes apart to make sure you don’t miss your wake-up time, which – who are we kidding – many of us do.

But if you’re anything like me, the list of alarms in the Alarm app tends to pile up over time. And when you go to the app on iPhone, you’ll find that it’ll only let you delete one alarm at a time. And for someone with 10 or 20 alarms on their iPhone, it gets really annoying really quickly. So, is there nothing to do?

Ask Siri to Do It for You

Don’t worry. Even if the Alarms app won’t let you delete all alarms at once, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. There’s a rather simple hack that’ll delete all your alarms in one fell swoop.

Note: This hack won’t delete your Bedtime alarm.

You can let Siri take care of it for you! On your iPhone, say ‘Hey, Siri’ if it’s always listening or long-press the Home button to wake Siri up.

Then, say “Delete all my alarms”. Siri will ask you for confirmation before taking any action. Tap ‘Yes’ to provide her with permission.

Siri will then delete all your alarms, whether they were enabled or disabled.

Tip: You can also ask Siri to enable/ disable all the alarms for you instead of having to manually turn them on/ off if you ever need to.

There you go! With this trick, you won’t even have to go to the trouble of opening the Alarms app. Siri can manage it all for you. You can even ask Siri to set new alarms for you.