Google Chat is one of the finest chat services available on the web. Now, Google has integrated Google Chat with Gmail too, making it easy for users to access both communication tools under one hood. If it’s already enabled on your device, you may have noticed it on both the Gmail website and the bottom of the mobile app.

Google Chat integration into Gmail mobile app and website is interesting. However, many users despise it. While those who use Google Chat frequently are elated with the ease of accessibility, others find it inconvenient since it occupies a part of the screen (nostly Desktop users).

Either way, below are instructions to either enable or disable (if you hate it) Google Chat in Gmail for both desktop and mobile devices.

Enable or Disable Google Chat in Gmail on Mobile

To enable/disable Google Chat in Gmail on your phone, open the Gmail app and tap on the hamburger icon at the top-left corner of the screen.

Tap on ‘Settings’ from the list of options available in the fly-out menu.

The various accounts that you linked on the app will now be displayed at the top. Select the one for which you want to enable or disable Google Chat.

Next, locate the ‘Chat’ (early access) option and tap on the toggle next to it to change the current setting. If it is disabled, tapping on the toggle will enable it and vice versa.

When enabling Google Chat in Gmail app, you will first be asked if you want to try the feature. Tap on ‘Try it’ to confirm the change.

Next, you will be asked to reopen the Gmail app for the changes to come into effect. Tap on ‘Close Gmail’ to close the app and then reopen the Gmail app on your device.

When disabling Google Chat in Gmail app, you will receive a confirmation box. Tap on ‘Turn off’ to confirm and you’ll be redirected to your inbox.

Enable or Disable Google Chat in Gmail on Desktop

To enable or disable Google Chat in Gmail on desktop, go to and log in to the account for which you want to enable/disable Google Chat. After you have signed in, click on the ‘Settings’ icon near the top-right corner.

Next, click on ‘See all settings’ in the menu.

You will now find various tabs under settings at the top, select ‘Chat and Meet’.

Next to the ‘Chat’ section, see whether the ‘Google Chat’ has been selected or not. If it’s selected, Chat is enabled and in case the ‘Off’ option is selected, the chat is disabled.

To disable Google Chat, select the ‘Off’ option by clicking on the checkbox before it and then click on ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom.

To enable Google Chat, select the checkbox for ‘Google Chat’ and then click on ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom.

After clicking on ‘Save Changes’, you will be redirected to the inbox.