The QR code scanner is built-in in your camera app and is enabled by default. For most users, it enhances accessibility as they do not have to install a third-party scanner for the purpose.

However, many users who don’t scan QR codes too often find the feature annoying at times. Imagine trying to click a picture with a QR code in it but the phone keeps scanning it unnecessarily. Also, you can always use the hidden ‘Code Scanner’ app when required if you want to disable it in the Camera app.

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To disable the QR code scanner in the iPhone camera, tap on the ‘Settings’ icon on the home screen.

Scroll down to the section where all the installed apps are listed and select ‘Camera’ from the list.

In the Camera settings, you will find the ‘Scan QR Codes’ option. Turn it off by tapping on the toggle switch next to it.

You can now click as many pictures without the camera automatically looking up for and showing results of QR codes that the lens might capture. Also, if you don’t frequently use the feature, you can use the ‘Code Scanner’ app or enable the QR code for the camera, scan the required code and then disable it again.