Google Docs is one of the most popular word processors in its segment due to its straightforward interface and speed. Google Docs offers all the features that any other word processor does. Hanging indent is one such feature.

Hanging indent is used when writing reference pages or biographies. When you do a hanging indent, all the lines of text are indented except the first one. It’s also called ‘Negative Indent’. Hanging indent is very much the opposite of a standard paragraph where the first is line is indented.

You can create a hanging indent using the indent markers or through the format menu.

Creating a Hanging Indent in Google Docs

Using Indent Markers

First, you need to identify the indent markers. The horizontal bar at the top at the left margin is ‘First Line Indent,’ while the downward-facing triangle is the ‘Left Indent’.

To create a hanging indent using indent markers, hold and drag the ‘Left Indent’ marker to the required position.

You will see that the ‘First Line Indent’ shifts along with the indent marker. Now, hold and drag the ‘First Line Indent’ marker to the initial position so that there is no indent in the first line.

You will now see a hanging indent, where all the lines are indented except the first one.

Using Format Menu

Select the paragraph or text where you want to create a hanging indent and go to the ‘Format’ menu at the top.

Now, move the cursor to ‘Align & indent’ and then select ‘Indentation options’.

In the ‘Indentation options’ window, click on ‘None’ at the bottom and select ‘Handing’ from the drop-down menu.

Now enter a value by which you want to indent the lines and then click on ‘Apply’ at the bottom. The default entered value is 0.5 inches.

A hanging indent has now been created.

You can now use the ‘Hanging Indent’ feature with ease in your documents and make them look professional.