Margins define where the text line starts and ends. It is the empty portion around the page in a document. It separates the content from the edge of the page.

Margins are an integral part of the document. In the absence of margins, the text will occupy the whole page, which looks unappealing to the viewers. Most users prefer the default margin, but there are times when you may want to change the margin for the whole document or a selected portion.

Editing, adjusting and changing margins is pretty straightforward in Google Docs.

Editing, Adjusting and Changing Margins in Google Docs

There are two ways to modify the default margins. You can either do it using the ruler on the top and edge of the page or through the File menu.

Using Ruler

There are rulers at the top and side of the page. You will find the margin line markings on the ruler. The margin line marking is hidden, and you can only see the marking when you move the cursor over it.

The default margin in Google Docs is 1 inch or 2.54 cm.

To adjust the margin, hold and drag the margin line marking to either side, and the text will move accordingly. For instance, you want to move the left margin further to the left. Just hold and drag the marking to the left and release when it has shifted the required amount.

The left margin that was 1 inch by default has now changed to 0.5 inches.

You can similarly change the top and bottom margins. The bottom margin is adjusted from the bottom of the page. You will, therefore, have to scroll to the bottom.

Using File Menu

You can also change the margins through Page Setup in File Menu.

Click on ‘File’ in the menu bar at the top.

Now, select ‘Page setup’ from the menu.

In the page setup window, you can change each of the margins. To change, enter the new margin in inches, and click on ‘OK’ at the bottom.

If you want to change the margin for a particular section of the document, highlight the text in that section, and choose ‘Selected content’ under the ‘Apply to’ heading. You can also change the page orientation, paper size, and color.

After reading this article, you can change the margins as per your requirement and write engaging content.