Microsoft Word is one of the most used word processors across the globe. Be it for official or personal work, blog writing, or creating an important document, Microsoft Word is the one stop solution. A word processor with such a varied application is often hard to find.

Microsoft Word answers to the needs of the users by adding a multitude of features with each update. One such option in Microsoft Word used by several users is the option to draw shapes.

For instance, if you want to add a figure to a document and do not find it in the list of available options. Word allows you to draw any shape, similar to how you draw in Paint.

Drawing on Microsoft Word

Drawing a shape in Word is pretty straightforward and does not take much time.

To draw a shape, open Microsoft Word and then select ‘Insert’ from the menu bar.

Now, click on ‘Shapes’ and then select the ‘Scribble’ option under ‘Lines’. Scribble is the last option under ‘Lines’ and looks like an intricately curved line.

Now hold and drag the mouse to draw a shape. It may not be easy, so give it a couple of tries until you get optimal results.

You can also make various changes to your figure drawings in Microsoft Word. Select the shape and then right-click on it. You will see three options at the top, style, fill and outline.

In Style, you can choose the kind of line you want for the shape. It offers several options, ranging from solid lines to dashed lines.

In Fill, as the name suggests, you can select a color to fill the figure.

With the next option, i.e., outline, you can select the color of all the lines that form the shape.

Have fun drawing and editing shapes effortlessly in Microsoft Word.