Trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network on your iPhone and it throws the ‘Incorrect Password’ error? Many of us have encountered it, it’s nothing new, neither is it intricate and can easily be fixed.

You may encounter the error even on networks you have been connecting to for a long time and are certain about no change in password. This is not just annoying but also detrimental to your productivity. As observed by many, the error does not last for long and you would be able to connect to the same network in an hour or two, but that’s not always the case.

Anyway, why even wait for an hour or two when the error can be fixed right away with a bunch of fixes? We will walk you through the most effective ones and would recommend executing them in the sequence that they are mentioned for a quick troubleshooting process.

1. Re-enter the Password

Your prime approach, in this case, should be to verify if the password entered was correct. Check if there was a change in password or whether you missed a capitalization and then re-enter the password. Although it sounds silly, many people make the mistake of entering an incorrect password and go around executing the other fixes.

To re-enter the password, tap ‘OK’ on the ‘Incorrect password’ prompt that pops up.

Next, enter the password in the section provided and tap on ‘Join’ at the top.

If it was the password that prompted the ‘Incorrect password’ error, you should now be able to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

2. Reboot the iPhone

Restarting the iPhone terminates any bugs or errors that prompted that ‘Incorrect password’ error. In simple words, it gives your iPhone a fresh start and is an effective troubleshooting technique for many errors.

To restart the iPhone, long-press the ‘Power’ button on the side until the ‘slide to power off’ screen appears. Now, drag the slider with the power button to the right to turn off your iPhone.

After the iPhone is turned off, long press the power button to turn it back on. Now try connecting to the Wi-Fi network and check if you are able to establish a connection. If the issue persists, move to the next fix.

3. Restart the Router

If restarting the iPhone didn’t work, you can try restarting the router. It too works as an effective fix in case of Wi-Fi issues, either it be for iPhone or PCs. Restarting the router is rather simple, unplug it from the power source, wait for a minute and then plug it back in.

Some routers have a built-in battery system for uninterrupted use in case of power failures. For such routers, you will have to remove the batteries as well to turn off the router.

After restarting the router, check if you are able to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

4. Share Password Using Another Apple Device

In many cases, users either don’t remember the password or the iPhone keeps throwing the ‘Incorrect password’ error even after entering the correct password. In this case, you can make use of the feature that allows sharing of passwords between Apple devices. If you have another iPhone, iPad, or Mac which is connected to the same network, simply bring your iPhone in its proximity and execute the steps given below.

On your iPhone, tap on the Wi-Fi network that you want to connect to.

Now, wait for a prompt to pop up on the other device and then tap on ‘Share Password’ to share the Wi-Fi password between the two devices.

Note: It may take a few seconds for the prompt to pop up. In case it doesn’t, turn off the Wi-Fi on both devices, wait for a minute and then turn it back on, and check if the ‘Share Password’ prompt now pops up.

After sharing the password, you would be able to connect to the Wi-Fi on the first device. However, this fix will only come in handy if you have another Apple device at your disposal. Also, the other device should have your iPhone in its contact list for password sharing to work.

5. Forget and Reconnect the Wi-Fi Network

If a bug crept in while establishing a Wi-Fi connection the first time, you might encounter the ‘Incorrect password’ error on subsequent attempts. In this case, it’s best to forget the network and rejoin in to eliminate any issues.

To forget a Wi-Fi network, head to the Wi-Fi section, and tap on the ‘i’ icon next to the Wi-Fi network.

In the network properties, tap on the ‘Forget This Network’ option.

Next, tap on ‘Forget’ in the confirmation prompt that pops up.

To reconnect to the Wi-Fi network, again tap on the network listed in the Wi-Fi section.

Next, enter the password for the network in the text field and tap on ‘Join’ at the top to reconnect to the Wi-Fi.

In all likelihood, this should fix the ‘Incorrect password’ error and you should be able to establish a Wi-Fi connection.

6. Reset Network Settings

If nothing else has worked, your last resort is to reset the ‘Network Settings’ on your iPhone. When you reset the ‘Network Settings’, all preferences and settings are wiped out and the iPhone reverts to the original network settings. This will fix the ‘Incorrect password’ error in most cases, if none of the other fixes have worked.

To reset the ‘Network Settings’, tap on the ‘Settings’ icon on the iPhone homescreen.

In Settings, scroll down and tap on ‘General’.

Next, locate and tap on the ‘Reset’ option.

You will now find the various options for reset, tap on ‘Reset Network Settings’.

Enter the iPhone passcode for authentication to initiate the reset. After you enter the passcode, the iPhone will turn off and will turn back on after the ‘Network Settings’ reset is complete.

Check if you are now able to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

7. Connect to the Wi-Fi Network on Another iPhone

Although highly unlikely, the problem may lie with the Wi-Fi hardware installed in your iPhone. To verify, try connecting to the same Wi-Fi network on another iPhone. If you are able to establish a connection, the problem might lie somewhere in your iPhone, hence contact Apple Support.

In case you are unable to establish a connection on the other device as well, the problem may lie with the network itself. Try connecting to the network on other devices, say a laptop or an android phone. If you are unable to establish a connection, contact the internet service provider for a resolution.

One of the above fixes will get your Wi-Fi connection on your iPhone up and running in no time. Just follow them in the sequence they are listed for quick and efficient troubleshooting.