If you are a student working on a project or if you’re a budding content creator, you may encounter multiple situations where you would need to install a particular font to boost the appearance of your content or the cover page of your project distinctively.

Contrasting the scenario above, you may also need to install multiple languages for a similar font to help you with various content appearance-related reasons. Well, whatever might be the need for more fonts than the ones that came preinstalled with your computer, Windows 11 enables you to do that in a swish.

Install Fonts on Windows 11 Using the Microsoft Store

You can browse and install Fonts on your Windows computer – this is by far the most seamless way to get new fonts.

To do so, first, launch the ‘Microsoft Store’ from the Start Menu of your Windows 11 computer.

Click on the ‘Search’ bar present at the top section of the ‘Microsoft Store’ window. Then type Fonts and hit Enter on your keyboard.

Now, once the search results have been populated, click on any of the fonts that catch your fancy.

After that, click on the blue button situated right under the app name on the left section of the screen that has ‘Free’ or the value of the app in real currency.

Once your purchase is approved, your font should start downloading automatically and will install after it finishes downloading.

Once installed you will be able to see it in the ‘All apps’ section of the Start Menu on your computer.

Installing Downloaded Fonts on Windows 11

This method serves best for those who already have downloaded fonts from the internet and wish to install them on their Windows 11 computer.

Most probably your downloaded fonts would be in a zipped folder. Hence, to extract all the contents, right-click on the downloaded zipped folder and choose the ‘Extract All’ option from the context menu. This will open a separate window on your screen.

Now, by default, Windows will extract the contents of the folder in the same directory as the zipped folder. In case you wish to change that, click on the ‘Browse’ button and locate your desired directory. Next, click on the ‘Extract’ option present on the bottom right corner of the window to extract the contents.

Once the fonts are extracted you can install them on Windows using two ways – via the ‘Settings’ app or the ‘Font Preview’ app. However, please note the installing of fonts using the ‘Settings’ app is currently supported only by Windows 11.

Install Downloaded Fonts Using the Settings App

Installing fonts on Windows 11 using the ‘Settings’ app is quick and easy. It just requires a couple of clicks from your side and you’ll be done.

First, launch the ‘Settings’ app from the Start Menu of your Windows 11 computer.

Next, click on the ‘Personalization’ tab present on the left sidebar of the window.

Then, scroll down on the right section of the window to locate the ‘Fonts’ tile. Once located, click on it to open.

After that, drag and drop the .TTF file onto the ‘Add fonts’ section to install the fonts. The dropped font file will immediately be installed.

Note: You will be able to find the .TTF font file you wish to install in the extracted folder.

Once installed, you will be able to see the fonts under the ‘Available fonts’ section.

Install Downloaded Fonds Using the Font Preview App

In case you like to do things the old-fashioned way, the ‘Font Preview’ app is always available at your disposal.

To install the fonts using this method, head to the directory (the folder containing extracted files) consisting the .TTF files of the font face you wish to install.

Next, double-click on the .TTF file. This will open the Font Preview window on your screen.

Now, on the Font Preview window, click the ‘Install’ button at the top left corner to install the fonts on your Windows computer.

How to Uninstall Fonts on Windows 11

Knowing how to uninstall extra fonts can come in handy should you ever feel the need to do so. There are two ways with which you can uninstall already installed fonts from your Windows computer.

Uninstall Fonts From the Settings App

Uninstalling fonts using the Settings app is a cakewalk once you know how to do it.

Launch the ‘Settings’ app from the Start menu of your Windows computer.

Next, click on the ‘Personalization’ tab present on the left sidebar of the ‘Settings’ window.

After that, scroll down to locate and click on the ‘Fonts’ tile from the list.

Now, you will be able to see all your installed fonts under the ‘Available fonts’ section on the window. To uninstall, click on the desired font tile from the grid of options.

After that, click on the ‘Uninstall’ button to remove the font face from your Windows computer.

Uninstall Fonts From the Control Panel

While this is certainly a longer route relative to the previous one, this was the default method before Windows 11.

First, press the Windows+R keyboard shortcut to bring up the ‘Run Command’ utility on your screen. Then, type control and hit Enter on your keyboard to open the Control Panel window.

After that, click on the ‘Fonts’ option from the grid present on the ‘Control Panel’ window.

You will now be able to see all installed fonts on your computer.

Next, locate and click to select the font you wish to delete and then click on the ‘Delete’ option present on the top bar of the window.

The chosen font is now out of your Windows system.