In order to organize your data in a calibrated form or maintain track of every minute change in the quantity of data, Google Sheets always prove efficient. Arranging your data in a systematic order with labels often saves you from confusion. But when the scale of data is so huge that it doesn’t fit in one frame, then things get messy.

In such dire situations, you can make use of labels to track the data of your need. However, when you scroll up-down or right-left, the labels also scrolls away. To get rid of this issue, Goggle Sheets provides a feature called ‘Freeze’. This feature helps you affix rows or columns and set them visible even when scrolled.

In this article, you will gain an understanding of how to fix columns in Google Sheets.

Freezing a Column in Google Sheets

For the demonstration purpose, we will be using the following data set.

In order to freeze a single column, you need to click on the ‘View’ button in the menu bar. A dropdown menu will appear in front of you. From the menu select ‘Freeze’. In the ‘Freeze’ menu, there will an option ‘1 column’, click on it. This will freeze the first column of the table.

Freezing a single column

Once you click on the ‘1 column’ option, a thick divider will appear after the first column. This divider will indicate that the first column is frozen.

Divider indicating the frozen column

After freezing the column, if you try scrolling the sheet horizontally, the first column will sit affix in its position. This is fairly visible in the screenshot below as after ‘A’ the next column heading is ‘E’.

Freezing Multiple Columns in Google Sheets

You can freeze more than one column in Google Sheets as well. For doing so, first, select the column up to which you want to perform the freeze action. You can do the same by clicking on the column header and it will auto-select the entire row as you can observe in the snapshot below.

Once done with the selection, click on the ‘View’ button in the menu bar. From the menu select ‘Freeze’ and inside it select the ‘Up to current column ()’ option. You will notice that it has stated the heading of the column you selected previously.

Freezing multiple columns

You will see that the divider is now appearing after the column you selected. Thus, all the columns till the divider will freeze and won’t scroll.

Divider indicating multiple frozen columns

Freezing a Row and a Column Simultaneously

You can even freeze a row and a column simultaneously. All you need to do is go to ‘View’ → ‘Freeze’ and select the ‘1 row’ option from the toolbar.

Then, similarly repeat and select the ‘1 column’ option as well.

You will notice that two dividers have appeared in the sheet this time, indicating that the first row and first column are now frozen. This will allow you to scroll the entire sheet except for the part which falls under the intersection of two dividers.

Dividers indicating simultaneously frozen row and column

You can apply ‘Freeze’ on multiple rows and columns at the same time as well. All you need to do is select the desired row and column and select ‘Up to current row()’ and ‘Up to current column()’ options and you will be able to freeze as many rows and columns as you want.