Microsoft Word offers ample customizations to users to users which is one of the prime reasons behind its popularity. For instance, adding a ‘Header’ only to the first page of a document.

Headers are located at the top of a document and are used to include information such as page numbers or titles. By default, the header content remains the same for the entire document unless set otherwise.

Many a time, you may be required to insert a header only on the first page of a document. Say, if you plan to add the title to the first page or the writer’s name. In the next couple of steps, we will see how to do just that.

To add a header only to the first page in Word, double-click on the header portion at the top of the first page of the document.

A ‘Design’ tab will now appear where you have all the options and customizations for ‘Header and Footer’. Next, tick the checkbox for ‘Different First Page’ under the ‘Options’ section.

You can now enter the desired content in the ‘Header’ and it will only appear on the first page of the document. Once you are done, click on ‘Close Header and Footer’ at the extreme right of the ‘Design’ tab. You can now resume work on the remaining document.

Now that you know how to insert a ‘Header’ only on the first page, it will help you customize and enhance the readability of your document.