PL2303 driver also known as Prolific driver is used to establish a connection between devices and your Windows PC that use a USB-to-Serial cable. The serial port is used to connect various types of devices to your computer including but not limited to industrial equipment, sensors, telescopes, GPS units, etcetera.

However, an operating system (Windows 11 in this case) requires specific drivers to recognize and establish a connection between two devices. In a typical scenario, whenever you connect such a device for which Windows does not have the drivers ready, the OS downloads it from the Microsoft Server.

Though there are times, when either a specific driver is not available on the Microsoft Servers, or you have configured Windows settings in a way that it is not able to download the driver for your connected device.

Since many users are reportedly facing the error of the driver not being present or getting downloaded when a pertaining device is connected, you will need to download the driver from its official website.

Whatever be the case, installing a PL2303 driver on a Windows 11 PC is a fairly straightforward process and does not demand much of your time.

Download & Install the PL2303 Driver from the Official Website

Before you can install the driver on your Windows 11 PC, you will need to download it from its official website, and only then you will be able to install the driver.

To do so, head to using any of your preferred web browsers. Once the web page is loaded, click on the ‘PL2303 Driver’ zip file link that is compatible with Windows 11 (It should be the first file on the webpage). Your download should begin immediately.

After that, once the file has been downloaded, head to your default downloads directory and right-click on the .ZIP file you downloaded to reveal the context menu. Then, from the context menu, click on the ‘Extract All’ option to extract the contents of the zip file into a folder right in that directory. This will open a separate window on your screen.

Now, from the separately opened window, click on the ‘Extract’ button present in the bottom right corner of the window to extract the contents of the zip file in a folder right in that directory. In case you wish to extract the content in a different directory, click on the ‘Browse’ button to browse the location using a File Explorer window.

Once you have extracted all the content, head to the folder and then locate the .EXE file. Next, double-click on it to run the file on your computer.

In case a smart screen window appears on your screen. Click on the ‘more info’ button present on the window to expand the details.

After that, click on the ‘Run Anyway’ button present on the bottom section of the page.

After that, a UAC (User Account Control) screen will appear on your screen. If you are not logged in with an admin account, enter the credentials for one, otherwise, click on the ‘Yes’ button to proceed.

Then, from the Setup wizard window, click on the ‘Next’ button present in the bottom right section of the window.

Now, the wizard will install the software on your PC. Allow the software to complete the process.

Once the software is installed on your PC, the installation wizard will state the same on the window. Now, click on the ‘Finish’ button present in the bottom right corner of the window to close the window.

And that’s it, you have now installed the driver on your PC and will be able to use the USB-to-Serial cable peripherals with your Windows 11 computer.