Google sheets, is one of the most utilitarian product from Google and is used by millions of users. It is timely, unerring, and befitting in order to conduct spreadsheet related tasks. You can even create multiple sheets within a single file and segregate the data as per need.

Any spreadsheet software comes with a fixed cell size but data doesn’t. The same is the case with Google Sheets. Sometimes, it may happen that the data you enter in the cell is longer and wider than the default cell size and thus gets merge within the cell. It will result in poor visibility of data and can even cause misinterpretation of data.

To tackle this situation, in this article we will learn how to increase the size of the cell in Google Sheets and make it bigger.

How to Increase the Size of a Cell in Google Sheets

In the following screenshot, you can see that since the length of the data is bigger than the size of the cell, it has merged with the cell. Thus the size of the cell needs to be increased.

To increase the size of a cell, place the cursor on the cell boundary. Drag it till you get the satisfying size. Depending on the height or width select the cell boundary of the row or column. Here, the length is the issue so we have selected the column cell boundary. For width, select the row cell boundary.

Increasing size of a cell

Google Sheets also supports the feature to auto-adjust the cell. With the help of this feature, you can auto-adjust the size of the cell concerning the cell data. All you need to do is place the cursor on the cell boundary and double click. It will automatically resize the cell to the size of the data.

Auto-adjusting the size of a cell

How to Increase the Cell Size of Entire Google Sheet at once

Increasing the size of a single cell is easy but what if there are multiple cells with big data and that too at different locations? In such a situation, it will be extremely taxing to manually resize the cells. Well, don’t worry, Google Sheets has a solution for this issue as well.

You can modify the size of every cell in the sheet all at once. First, click on the ‘Select All’ button. It is located at the intersection of rows and columns headings just below the formula bar. As soon as you click on it the entire sheet will be selected.

Auto-selecting the entire sheet

Now place the cursor on the cell boundary. You can select either the row or column as per your need.

Drag the cursor till you don’t obtain the desired size. Once you are done, release the cursor and the size will instinctively be applied to every cell in the sheet.

In this way, you can now adjust the size of a cell. You can resize a single cell or change the size of every cell in the sheet if you want. This will not only make data properly visible but also easily accessible for use.