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To remove PIN from Windows 11, go to Sign-in options in Settings, turn off "For improved security, only allow Windows Hello sign-in for Microsoft accounts...", reopen Sign-in options, select PIN, and click "Remove". Alternatively, use "I Forgot my PIN" option, sign in to your Microsoft account, and cancel setting up a new PIN.

Windows 11 offers several security features, including the use of a PIN for sign-in. Windows Hello provides three sign-in methods: PIN, Facial recognition, and Fingerprint recognition. When setting up a new Windows 11 device and logging into your Microsoft account, Microsoft will require the use of a PIN instead of your account password. If you plan to use the Facial recognition or Fingerprint recognition feature, a PIN is also necessary.

Microsoft strongly recommends the use of a PIN as it is considered a safer option than a password. This is because the PIN can only be used to access the device it is assigned to. If your PIN is compromised, your Microsoft account and data will remain secure. If you want to remove the PIN from your PC but find that the "remove" option is greyed out in settings, this guide will show you how to bypass this issue.

Remove PIN by Disabling Windows Hello Sign-in Requirement

The process of removing PIN is very quick and not at all complicated. It can be done by going to the Sign-in options settings.

First, open the Settings app by pressing Windows+i on your keyboard or by searching for ‘Settings’ in Windows Search and selecting it from the search results.

On the Settings Window, click on ‘Accounts’ from the left panel and then select ‘Sign-in Options’ from the right panel.

If you select PIN from the sign-in options, you will see that the ‘Remove’ option is greyed out.

Now, the reason the Remove option is greyed out is because the option to only allow Windows Hello sign-in for Microsoft accounts is enabled on your PC.

This was preventing you from removing the PIN sign-in method. To turn it off, look for the ‘For improved security, only allow Windows Hello sign-in for Microsoft accounts…’ option under the Additional settings section and Turn Off the toggle switch next to it.

After tuning off the Windows Hello sign-in requirement, close the settings window for the changes to take effect.

Then, reopen the Settings app, go back to the Sign-in options menu, and select the PIN option. You will see that the ‘Remove’ option is no more greyed out. Additionally, you will see that new sign-in options are also available.

Click on the ‘Remove’ button under PIN settings. You’ll get a few warning points about the disadvantages of removing the PIN. If you’re sure, click on the ‘Remove’ button again to remove the PIN.

You’ll then get a Window Security prompt to enter your linked Microsoft Account password. Input your account password in the respective field and click on OK to proceed.

And that’s it. Your Sign-in PIN will be removed from your Windows 11 PC.

Remove PIN Using ‘I Forgot my PIN’ Option

You could also use the “I Forgot my PIN” option to remove PIN on your Windows 11 PC without disabling the Windows Hello sign-in requirement.

First, open up settings by pressing Windows+i. Navigate back to the Sign-in options menu by selecting ‘Accounts’ from the left panel and then selecting ‘Sign-in options’.

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Select ‘PIN’ from the sign-in options and then click on ‘I forgot my PIN’.

A new will appear called a Microsoft account. From there, click on ‘Continue’.

After that, you have to sign in to your Microsoft account to verify your identity. To do that, put your Microsoft account password inside the ‘Password’ text box and click on ‘Sign in’.

Now a dialog box will come up asking you to set up a new PIN. Instead of setting a new PIN, click on ‘Cancel’.

After that, click on cross or ‘X’ at the top-right side of the window and close it.

Now you can see that the PIN has been removed and you can leave it as it is or set up a new one.

Note: After you remove your pin, you will have to use your Microsoft Account password or your Local account password the next time you sign into your Windows 11 computer.


Removing the PIN from your Windows 11 PC is a straightforward process that can be accomplished in two ways. You can either disable the Windows Hello sign-in requirement or use the "I Forgot my PIN" option. It is important to note that after removing your PIN, you will need to use your Microsoft account password or local account password for future sign-ins. Keep your device secure while enjoying the flexibility of different sign-in options on your Windows 11 PC.