When it comes to music, we’re subconsciously more attracted to people who have the same preferences. There’s an unspoken level of understanding and mutual love for the same kind of music.

Sometimes, we also blend with those who have different tastes in music. We share musical interests, knowledge of artists, albums, and genres. It’s a wonderful experience if you’re willing to expand your taste in music, mindfully, soulfully, and intentionally.

What is Spotify Blend?

Spotify introduces ‘Blend’ – a feature that creates a playlist with songs from either of the Blend partners’ musical interests. Spotify also adds a couple of tracks that you two may enjoy – based on your listening activity. This playlist would update every day and include new numbers. Though you cannot make changes such as adding or removing songs from the blend, you can hide a song if you don’t want either of you to be listening to it.

Blend is a great way to learn about each other’s music preferences and even acquaint oneself with the colorful differences and new Spotify additions. You will be introduced to each other’s music. Both of you can have a wonderful and blended journey of experiencing, learning, sharing, and enjoying music together with Spotify Blend.

Here’s how you can use Spotify Blend on your phone.

Spotify Blend is a feature restricted to mobile devices at the moment. It is not available just yet on desktop Spotify.

How to Use Spotify Blend

Launch Spotify on your phone and tap the ‘Search’ button (magnifying glass icon) at the bottom of the screen. Then, scroll to find and select the ‘Made for you’ block.

The first block in the ‘Made for You’ page will be the ‘Made for two’ block called ‘Create a Blend’ with a big plus (+) mark on it. Tap this block.

You will now be on the ‘Create a Blend’ page, with an ‘Invite a friend’ section. Here, you will see your own profile image next to a circular space with a plus sign (+) – this one’s for the profile image of the user who joins your blend.

Additional info about the Blend feature will be available on this screen. Read it and hit the ‘Invite’ button to send a Blend invite to the user you want to share the playlist with.

Choose the contact (if available) or the application through which you will be sharing the invite link to the targetted user.

If both, the contact and the app aren’t on the ‘Share’ page, tap the ‘Copy’ button. Now you can simply paste the invite link in any social networking space of your choice.

Now all you need to do is wait for the person to accept the invite.

Accepting the Blend Request

When the other person (or if you’re the other person) taps on your Blend request, a ‘Taste Match’ screen would greet them. Here, Spotify calculates and reveals the percentage of similarity in musical tastes between you and your Blend partner. They will now need to hit the ‘Join’ button to join the Blend.

Both Blend partners will now see a merged playlist containing songs from both interests. To enjoy this mixed playlist, hit the ‘Play’ button. You will notice some new songs outside either playlist. These are Spotify’s additions based on your listening activities.

Songs that have the icon of your profile picture, either belong to your playlist or are Spotify’s suggestions based on your listening activity. The same applies to your Blend partner. Songs that have both your profile picture icons are either tracks found on both playlists or are recommendations that Spotify strongly believes you two to enjoy.

The Blend playlist will be liked, thus followed, and included in both libraries by default. If you wish to remove your blend playlist from your library, simply tap the green heart (like/follow button) to turn it colorless with just an outline, at the top right corner of the screen or below your Blend’s credentials (depending on your phone’s model).

And that’s it! The two of you have your own little Spotify playlist, updated every day.

Where to Find the Blend Playlist?

Launch Spotify and tap ‘Your Library’. Since the Blend playlist is liked by default, it would be part of your library and you will find it here.

But, if you don’t like your Blend playlist or unlike it by tapping the green heart, then you can find the Blend playlist in the ‘Made for two’ block (follow the same procedure as discussed before to create a block to find your Blend playlist). Here, you will find your blend playlist(s) next to the ‘Create a Blend’ block.

Although you cannot make Blend playlists on your desktop, you can view and listen to them in the ‘Made for you’ block and in your library.

What’s a Blend Story and How to View it?

Spotify makes a Blend story for each Blend duo. This two-slided story is an overview of the similarities between your musical tastes and the music/song that brings you two together. There are two ways to view the Blend Story.

One way is to tap the motioning circle with two shuffling colorful dots above the name of the Blend partners.

Another way is to tap the ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) next to the green heart (like button – green if liked, colorless if not), below the credentials of the Blend playlist.

Then choose ‘View Blend Story’ – the first option on the menu to view your Blend story.

You will now see two slides of a story. One slide shows the percentage of your musical similarities and how much you can learn from each other.

If you want to mute the story, tap the loudspeaker icon to the top right corner of the screen. To close the story, hit the ‘X’ icon right next to it.

The next slide celebrates the song(s) that brings you together. You can share your Blend playlist from the second slide. Tap the ‘Share this story’ option at the center of the bottom of the screen.

You can now choose from a bunch of social networking applications or even copy the link to your story and further share it. The message of the story is sweetly changed to personalize the post as well.

To cancel sharing, tap the ‘X’ to the top left corner of the screen.

How to Hide a Song on a Blend Playlist

If you seem to not like a song on the Spotify-suggested Blend playlist, you may not be able to remove it, but you can hide it. Reach the song you want to hide and tap the ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) next to it.

Now, choose ‘Hide this song’ from the upcoming menu.

The song will blur a little once it is hidden. You will receive a notification saying ‘Song hidden in this list’. You can choose to undo the hiding on this notification by tapping the ‘UNDO’ button to the right of the notification message.

If you missed the chance to undo, you can always unhide a song by going back to the song’s menu and choosing the ‘Hidden’ option in red.

The song will now be unhidden on your Blend playlist. And it will return to its original unblurred state.

How to Add a Blend Playlist to Your Profile

You can also display your Blend playlist on your profile. Remember, it will be on public display. Your followers and anyone who looks you up on Spotify will see the playlist.

Open your Blend playlist and tap the ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) below the playlist’s credentials.

Now, select the ‘Add to profile’ option in the upcoming menu.

Your Blend playlist will now be visible on your profile.

You can either remove the playlist from your profile on this menu itself or head onto your profile. To remove it from this menu, tap the ‘Remove from playlist’ option which will be in place of the ‘Add to profile’ option.

To remove it from your profile, go back to the home page by tapping the ‘Home icon’ at the bottom left corner of the screen. Then tap the ‘Settings’ icon (gear icon) to the top right corner of the screen.

Now, tap the ‘View your profile’ space on the ‘Settings’ screen to view your profile.

If you see the Blend playlist you want to remove on your profile page, long tap on the playlist to open its menu. If you don’t see the playlist here, tap ‘See all’ below the list of 3 playlists to have a full view of all your playlists – where you can choose the Blend playlist.

Now, tap the ‘Remove from profile’ option.

Your Blend playlist will be out of your profile.

How to Add Your Blend Playlist to Other Playlists

If you liked a particular day’s update on your Spotify Blend playlist, you could merge it with similar playlists. But, this would be an individual arrangement. Your partner wouldn’t have the access to the newly merged playlist.

To add your Blend playlist to another playlist, first tap the ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) below the playlist credentials.

Then, select the ‘Add to other playlist’ option from the menu.

You will now be taken to your list of playlists – the ‘Add a playlist’ screen. You can either choose to merge with an existing playlist or create a new playlist for your Blend by tapping the ‘New Playlist’ button at the top of the screen.

When you add your Blend to another playlist, the songs would simply merge with the old playlist. They usually appear at the end of the old playlist. But when you make a new playlist, they will appear and arrange as a usual playlist – without hierarchy.

How to Share Your Blend Playlist

Since your Blend playlist will also be visible on your desktop, we will show how you can share your Blend playlist on both devices – Android and PC.

Sharing your Blend playlist on your computer. Click the ellipsis icon (three horizontal dots) below your Blend playlist’s credentials. Select ‘Share’ from the drop-down menu, and then click on ‘Copy link to profile’.

The link to your playlist will be copied on your clipboard.

Sharing your Blend playlist on your phone. Tap the ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) below the duo name of your Blend Playlist.

Now, tap the ‘Share’ option on the menu.

You will now be on your ‘Share’ screen with a couple of sharing options. Choose the appropriate option.

How to Leave a Blend Playlist

Open your blend playlist and tap the ellipsis icon below the name of the Blend playlist.

Now, select ‘Leave Blend’ from the menu.

Remember, this is a two-person playlist. Leaving the blend would technically cancel the playlist for both parties. You’ll need to send the Blend invite again if you wish to create a new Blend playlist with the same person.

That’s the basics of the Blend feature on Spotify. It’s a fun little feature and a space to enjoy each other’s music and to learn from each other, talk about new songs, and even experience Spotify’s recommendations. If you seem to fall in love with any of Spotify’s additions, you can always add them to your playlists, thus safeguarding the song(s).