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Computer Security Lock

How to Turn On User Account Control on Windows 11

Everything you need to know about enabling User Account Control on a Windows 11 PC.


How to Use Zoom on Windows 11

Learn how to download and setup Zoom video conferencing software on your Windows 11 PC.

PDF File

How to Make Adobe Acrobat Reader the Default PDF Reader in Windows 11

Set Adobe Acrobat Reader as the default app for PDF files on your Windows 11 computer with these simple instructions.

Microsoft Edge Logo

How to Reset Microsoft Edge

Quicky and easily reset Microsoft Edge using these simple methods.

Fix Computer

How to Fix Freezing and Buzzing Noise Issue on your Windows 11 PC

Use these 7 fixes to stop your computer from freezing and making buzzing noises.

Minecraft Installer

How to Fix Minecraft Installer Not Working Issue on a Windows 11 PC

Learn all the ways to fix it when Minecraft is not working as expected on your computer.

Computer Fix

How to Fix Inaccessible Boot Device Error In Windows 11

If your computer crashed into Blue Screen of Death and the error code was ‘INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE ‘ then follow this guide to the end.

Blank Icon

How to Fix Blank Icons in Windows 11

Get rid of blank icons on your desktop with these easy tips.

Computer Widgets

How to Fix Widgets Not Working Issue in Windows 11

Is the widgets panel not showing widgets on your Windows 11 PC? Try these 7 easy fixes to quickly resolve the issue.

Program Folder

How to Find Where a Program is Installed on your Windows 11 PC

Find the installation directory of any app or game on your Windows 11 PC.

New Folder

How to Fix it When You Can’t Create a New Folder in Windows 11

Learn all the way to create a folder in Windows 11 when the right click menu fails to do so.

No Sound Computer

How to Fix No Sound Issue in Windows 11

Music and video playing fine on your Windows 11 PC but there’s no sound from the speakers? Here is everything you need to know and check to fix the problem.

Quick Access Folder

How to Enable or Disable Quick Access in Windows 11

Enable, disable or customize what appears in the File Explorer Quick Access menu on your Windows 11 PC.

LAN Cable

How to Fix Slow LAN Speed on Windows 11

Experiencing slow LAN speed? Try these 10 methods and improve your connection.

Command Line Prompt

How to Use Net User Command in Windows 11

Learn how to easily manage user accounts on your computer or on a server using the Net User command line.

Lock Screen Computer

How to Disable or Turn Off Lock Screen on Windows 11

There’s no direct way to disable the lock screen on Windows 11, but you can edit the registry values or change group policy to turn it off.

Computer Magnifier

How to Change Zoom Level for Magnifier in Windows 11

Adjust the zoom level of the magnifier on your Windows 11 PC to suit your purpose.

File Explorer Icon

How to Restart Windows Explorer on Windows 11

Have issues with the Taskbar or File Explorer on your Windows 11 PC? Fix them by restarting Windows Explorer.

Sleep Timer

How to Fix Sleep Timer Not Working Issue in Windows 11

Different ways to fix your computer’s sleep timer when not working as intended.

Computer Setup

How to Enable or Disable Automatic Sign-in After Update on Windows 11

Easily let Windows finish setting up an update by enabling the automatic sign-in feature in Windows 11 settings.

Computer Network

How to See Other Computers on Network in Windows 11

Access and share files with other computers connected to the same network as yours.

File Delete Confirmation

How to Enable Delete File Confirmation Dialog in Windows 11

Avoid accidentally deleting a file on your PC by enabling the file delete confirmation dialog in Windows 11.

Picture in Picture Mode

How to Enable Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Mode for Videos in Windows 11

Play videos in an overlay window over any screen on your Windows 11 PC with Picture-in-Picture mode.

Linux PC

How to Install Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 11

Run Linux Kernels without flushing Windows with Windows Subsystem for Linux on your Windows 11 PC.