Microsoft Teams has made remote working a seamless experience for organizations. All teams can have their own space where team members can harmonize with each other and work productively. And the ease with which you can add employees to Teams is one of the stellar features of the application. But removing someone from the team when the time comes is just as important as adding them to the organization.

You might want to remove someone from a Team when they switch teams or their work in the team is complete. Removing someone from the Teams organization is also crucial when people leave the organization. Thankfully, Microsoft Teams makes everything quite easy.

Note: Only admins/ owners can remove someone from MS Teams.

How to Remove Someone from a Team

Open the Microsoft Teams desktop or web application and go to ‘Teams’ from the navigation bar on the left. Select the Team you want to remove the person from and click on the ‘More options’ icon (three-dot menu). Then, select the ‘Manage Team’ option from the context menu.

The manage team panel would open. Under the ‘Members’ tab, click on the ‘Members and guests’ option to expand the list if it is hidden.

In the member list, find the member you want to remove from the team and click on the ‘X’ option to remove them. If they are a part of any other team, they will remain on the other team.

Clicking the option will remove the member from the team without asking for a confirmation. So proceed only when you are completely sure.

How to Remove Someone from the Organization in Microsoft Teams

You can also remove someone from the organization altogether. In the MS Teams desktop or web app, click on the ‘Profile’ icon on the right side of the Title bar. Then select the ‘Manage org’ option from the menu.

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The manage organization screen will open and all the members of the organization will be listed. Click on the ‘X’ option on the right side of the member’s name you want to remove.

A confirmation dialogue box will pop-up on your screen. Click on the ‘Remove’ button and the member will be removed from the organization and all the teams they are a part of.


Microsoft Teams has all the tools to manage each aspect of an organization precisely, including removing people from teams or the organization entirely. The software gives you complete control over running your virtual workplace.