Clubhouse is a platform where people from different walks of life come together to interact and share ideas. It’s been a rage ever since it was launched and a lot of entrepreneurs and celebrities have joined it as well. Although one can join only through an invite, Clubhouse has gained more than 10 million users in the last couple of months.

Since anyone can speak on the stage in Clubhouse, there have been multiple instances of trolling. Trolling goes against the guidelines and you can report users for it. Once a moderator reports someone, the person is removed from the room. Although, anyone in the room can report a user. Furthermore, Clubhouse investigates the incident and takes the necessary action against the user who was reported.

Reporting Someone for Trolling in Clubhouse

You can report someone for trolling in the room right away when the incident takes place. To report someone for trolling in a room, tap on their profile.

Next, select the ‘Report for trolling’ from the list of options in the box that pops up.

Next, select ‘Report’ in the confirmation box.

Now that you know how to report someone for trolling, you can start doing it when someone violates the Clubhouse guidelines. It helps maintain healthy interactions and have an open space discussion on Clubhouse.