Discord is one of the amazing platforms to talk and hang out with like-minded people, friends, or even join desired communities to talk about anything and everything that catches your fancy.

Though every Discord server has a set of internal rules to make sure behavior among people is civilized and/or they are not sharing any offensive or misleading material, there are exceptions everywhere.

There could be circumstances where you might need to report a particular user to either the server moderator or to the Discord’s Trust and Safety Team.

Report Someone to the Server Moderator

Reporting someone to the server moderator works great and is at times a faster channel relative to reporting someone to Discord’s Trust and Safety Team. That being said, there is no dedicated way to report someone to a Server Moderator; however, there is a workaround that works just fine.

First, head to the Discord server where the said person has broken a rule or is being a troublesome member.

Then, head to the member’s list situated on the right edge of your screen. Then, find the crown badge, or a ‘Moderator’/’Admin’ badge just beside their name and click on it; they would be the ones who can take appropriate actions upon reporting. This will bring up a floating window on your screen.

Now, type your message and provide proof of the rule break or misconduct in behavior by either providing a screenshot or by simply telling them the issue.

And that’s it, the server moderator will look into the matter and resolve it for you.

Report to Discord’s Trust and Safety Team

If in any case server moderator does not take any action or ignores your reporting, you can straight away report to Discord’s Trust and Safety Team. However, there’s an extra step you need to perform first in order to do so.

To report someone to Discord’s Trust and Safety Team, from the Discord website, click on the ‘gear’ icon present at the bottom section of your page. This will open the Discord settings page on your browser.

Now from the settings page, locate and click on the ‘Advanced’ tab present under the ‘App settings’ section situated on the left sidebar.

Then, find the ‘Developer Mode’ option on the right side of the webpage and click on the switch following the option to toggle it to the ‘On’ position.

Next, you will require the User ID of the person you wish to report. Head back to the main screen by pressing the Esc key on your keyboard or by clicking on the ‘X’ icon present on the page.

Now, right-click on the particular user from the right sidebar and then choose the ‘Copy ID’ option present on the context menu. Make sure to paste the ID in a handy location from where you can retrieve it quickly.

After that, in case you wish to report a specific message, head to the particular message and hover over it; then, click on the ellipsis that appears on the right-most edge of it and select the ‘Copy message link’ option.

Next, head to the Disord’s request submission page support.discord.com/requests and click on the drop-down menu present on the webpage. Then, select the ‘Trust & Safety’ option.

Finally, enter your e-mail address in the respective field and click on the drop-down menu present under the ‘How can we help?’ section, and select the appropriate option. Next, enter the subject in the ‘Subject’ field and paste the User ID you copied earlier in the ‘Description’ box along with the description of your issue. If you also copied the message link previously, paste it here.

At last, if you have any evidence or proof of the violation, add them by clicking on the ‘Add file’ button. Once you have completed the form click on the ‘Submit’ button to report the user.

That’s it people this is how you can report anyone on Discord to either the server moderator or to the Discord’s Trust & Safety Team according to the situation.