LinkedIn is a social networking platform, but for professionals. It’s a place to seek, hire, and showcase talent. Much like any other social media platform, LinkedIn too has lots of scrolling, consuming, and engaging with posts – all to do with work-related content.

Just because LinkedIn is a networking space for work doesn’t mean you wouldn’t find posts that you’d want to save for future references or simply because of their feel-good or motivational factors! So, when you do come across a post or job that you’d like to save, what do you do? Where should you look to find all your saved items?

This guide is here to answer all these questions!

Saving Posts on LinkedIn

When you find a post you want to save on LinkedIn, click the ellipsis icon (three horizontal dots) to the top right corner of the posts. Select ‘Save’ in the context menu.

If you saved a post by mistake or want to unsave it real quick, click the same ellipsis icon on the same post. Select ‘Unsave’ that has now replaced ‘Save’ in the menu.

Saving Posts on LinkedIn Mobile App

The method to save posts is largely the same on LinkedIn and the mobile app — only with a couple of minor changes. On the mobile app, tap the ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) to the top right corner of a post you want to save.

Now, tap the ‘Save’ option in the upcoming menu in the lower half of the screen.

To immediately unsave the same item, tap the same ellipsis icon and select ‘Unsave’ from the context menu.

Where to Find Saved Items on LinkedIn?

There are three ways you can find your saved items on LinkedIn. One is on the homepage, the other is via your ‘Resources’, and the third via the ‘Jobs’ button. This triple arrangement does not work for the mobile application. The only way to your saved items on the LinkedIn mobile app is through Resources.

Method 1: Click the ‘My Items’ button on your LinkedIn homepage

The quickest way to your ‘Saved items’ is via your LinkedIn homepage. Make sure you are on the homepage. To get there, either click the LinkedIn icon or the ‘Home’ icon on the ribbon.

Once you’re on the home screen, look to the left to find a vertical box with a few details from your profile. Trace the ‘My Items’ option under these details and click it to go straight to your saved items.

Method 2: Head to ‘Resources’ on your LinkedIn profile page

You can reach your ‘Resources’ in two ways. Both ways lead to your LinkedIn profile. This is where the ‘Resources’ section lies. There are two ways to open your LinkedIn profile –via the homepage and your profile button (the ‘Me’ button).

To open your profile right from the homepage, simply click your name under your profile picture on the left side of the screen. Or click your profile picture.

To reach your profile using your profile button, click the ‘Me’ drop-down button towards the right of the page’s ribbon. Now, click the ‘View Profile’ button in the drop-down menu box.

Once you land on your profile page, scroll a little to find the ‘Resources’ section. Here, click the ‘See all Resources’ button at the end of the visible resources.

Locate and click the ‘My items’ option in the ‘Resources’ menu to open your saved items.

Method 3: Open your ‘Saved Jobs’

With this method, you will directly reach all your saved jobs. But, you will also have equal access to your saved items (apart from jobs) as well. Click the ‘Jobs’ button to the right of the LinkedIn page’s ribbon.

Click the ‘My Jobs’ option in the menu to the left of the screen.

You can now access both your saved jobs and saved posts from the ‘My items’ box to the top left of the screen. Simply click the option you want to open. This is the resulting page of all the aforementioned methods.

Where to Find Saved Posts on Linked Mobile App?

There is only one straightforward way to find saved items on the LinkedIn mobile app – via Resources. To look for your saved posts on the app, first, tap your user profile button to the top left corner of the screen. It is located to the left of the ‘Search’ bar.

Select ‘View Profile’ at the top of the menu, below your profile name.

Scroll through your profile page to find the ‘Resources’ section. Tap the ‘See more resources’ button in this section.

Tap the ‘My Items’ options in the list of resources.

You can now see all your saved items. All saved items are divided into saved jobs and saved posts. Tap the respective option to head onto the required space.

That’s about saving and finding saved content on your LinkedIn profile. We hope you found our guide useful!