Saved chats come in handy for future references a lot of times. Be it an important text or a reminder or anything on your team channel or private chats, saving chats is quite convenient on Microsoft Teams.

Open your Microsoft Teams app and click on the chat section on the left margin. Then, open a chat from which you wish to save a message.

On the chat screen, choose the text you want to save and hover your cursor over that message. You will now find a couple of emojis and a three-dotted icon, click on the three-dotted icon and select ‘Save this message’.

To view the saved message(s). First, click on your user profile icon on the extreme right corner and then select the ‘Saved’ option in the drop-down.

Your saved chats will now appear under ‘Saved’ panel on the left side of the screen. When you click on these saved chats, it will direct you to the respective chat section.

You can easily unsave chats from this list too. Just click on the ‘Save’ icon that appears on the required chat. It would turn grey from purple (or any other color). This would now instantly unsave that chat.

Saving Chats During a Meeting

If you have a conversation during a live meeting that you want to save, first click on the ‘Chat’ icon on the ongoing meeting screen.

This would open the ‘Meeting Chat’ panel, where you would find the conversations of the ongoing call. Hover the cursor over any message you’d like to save and click on the ellipses icon that appears above the text. Now select the ‘Save this message’ option.

The saved in-meeting chats would also be accessible through the previously discussed process (User account icon » Saved). Your saved in-meeting chat will show in ‘Saved’ panel on the team channel where the meeting took place.

Now, you would never miss out or forget about any important conversations that went on either during a private/group chat or a work call/meeting.