Alarms are an important part of our lives. We can only imagine the dread and chaos we’d face each day without these selfless machines. Initially, the only way to access and own alarms were through clocks. It still is that case in some parts of the world, and according to personal preferences.

Alarm clocks soon transitioned into phones when the world welcomed technology. Today, we’re moving deeper into a more digitalized planet, that even bigger electronics like laptops and PCs have alarms! These big guys can wake you up or remind you of something in an instant! Provided, they’re switched on.

Windows 10 could do it. Windows 11, can do it too, but better. So, when Windows 11 does become the universal level of advancement for the Microsoft world, here’s how you can set alarms on the new operating system.

How to Set an Alarm in Windows 11

First, click the ‘Search’ icon on the taskbar. Yes, the upgrade has pushed all icons to the center of the page! If you don’t click and instead, hover the cursor over the ‘Search’ icon, a search bar pops right up. You could click on this bar as well. Both would lead to the same search page.

In the search bar of the page that appears next, type out ‘alarm’. There will be a ‘Best Match’ section on the left showing the ‘Alarms & Clock’ application and the same would be open elaborately on the right. You can click on the former or on the ‘Open’ option below the logo of the latter. Both work the same.

The ‘Alarms & Clock’ page opens. Select the ‘Alarm’ option from the left list of options.

Editing Alarms

Once the ‘Alarm’ option is selected, a preview box of the default alarm timings will appear on the right. You can edit the alarm by clicking anywhere on this box.

The ‘Edit Alarm’ window will now be open. Here, you can change the time by clicking on the up or down arrows in both the hour and minute sections. Or you can manually type in the time. You can also customize the name of the alarm in the box below the time section.

The ‘Repeat Alarm’ option is if you want the alarm to go off at the same time on all days. If this ain’t the case, then you can uncheck the box in front of this option. If you don’t wish for your alarm to function throughout the week, then you can check some days off simply by clicking on any of the abbreviations used to represent the days of the week.

You can change the sound of your alarm by clicking on the box next to the musical note icon. Here, the choices of sounds are quite limited.

You may also alter the snooze intervals by clicking on the box next to the snoozing clock icon. If you want to quit the snooze and get out of bed ASAP, then the ‘Disabled’ option in the snooze drop-down box is for you.

Once you’ve made all the necessary changes to your new alarm, click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the ‘Edit Alarm’ box.

The alarm would now show up on the ‘Alarm’ section of the ‘Alarms & Clock’ application.

Adding New Alarms

If you want to add more alarms to the existing one(s), then click on the ‘+ Add an alarm’ button at the bottom right corner of the Alarms page.

You will be redirected to the same procedure of setting an alarm, as discussed in the first section of this guide.

Note: Since there isn’t an AM/PM button, the time will be as per the 24-hour clock and not the 12-hour format.

Deleting Alarms

The pencil icon next to the ‘Add an alarm’ button, says ‘Edit’. But, this button is precisely for deleting alarms. Edits to the alarms can be made just by clicking on any of the alarm preview boxes.

When you click the pencil icon or the ‘Edit Alarms’ button, all alarm boxes fade and highlight the trashcan icon to each of their top-right corners. You can click this icon on the alarm(s) that you wish to delete. After deletion, select the ‘Done’ button at the bottom right corner.

The deleted alarm is now off the list.

Turn On/Off Alarms Instantly

On the main ‘Alarms’ page, where are the alarm previews are visible, each preview box will have a toggle bar to its top-right corner. You can instantly turn off an alarm by clicking this toggle. Ensure the toggle is now black and white and not of any other color. Turning on an alarm requires the same step, but here, the toggle will be colored.

As long as your Windows 11 device is switched on, you will be notified of all the alarms you set for yourself. Just for the record, alarms can also be used as reminders!