Clubhouse, an audio-chat social network released in April 2020, is the new talk of the town. The app is available for the public, but you can only join it through an invite. This exclusivity is another factor that makes the app so popular, not just amongst the masses but entrepreneurs and celebrities across the globe.

Every user gets to invite two people to the platform. Moreover, the app is available only for iPhone and iPad devices only and can be downloaded from the App Store.

Clubhouse is a medium for organizing audio-only chats where you can listen to people from across the globe sharing ideas, talking about various topics, hostings shows, and a lot more.

To join the app, you will need a Clubhouse invite from someone who is already a part of it. The below guide covers setting up a Clubhouse account once you get an invite.

Setting Up a Clubhouse Account

If you have received an invite via iMessage, tap on the picture under the text, and then it will redirect you to the App Store.

In the App Store, tap on ‘Get’ to start the download.

After the download is complete, tap on ‘Open’ to launch the Clubhouse app.

The first page of the app is the ‘Welcome Page’. It informs you of the app status and the invite-only joining policy. Since you already have an invite, tap on ‘Have an invite text? Sign in’ link at the bottom.

Now, enter your phone number in the space provided, and then tap on the ‘Next’ button.

You will now receive a four-digit verification code on the phone number you entered earlier. Enter the code in the space provided and then tap on ‘Next’. If you didn’t receive the code, select ‘Didn’t receive it? Tap to resend’, to resend the code. Sometimes, the text with the verification code may take a couple of minutes to be delivered, therefore, wait for 5-10 minutes before going for this option.

The next page is also a welcome page, and the information of the user who invited you is displayed here. It’s now time to set up your profile. You can import the account details from Twitter or manually enter it.

If you opted to enter the details manually, enter your first and last name on the next page and then tap on ‘Next’.

You will now be asked to add a username. Enter it in the provided space and tap and ‘Next’.

On the next page, upload a photo for your profile. To add a photo, tap on the icon in the center, and select a photo from the library, or click one right away. You can also skip the step if you don’t want to upload a photo at the moment.

After the photo is uploaded, tap on ‘Next’ at the bottom.

The next one is the ‘Permissions’ page to access the contacts. Tap where the finger points on the screen, and the confirmation box will pop up. You can also skip this page, in case you are in a hurry or don’t want to allow permissions just yet.

Tap on ‘OK’.

This page shows the people on Clubhouse based on your phone contact list. Select the ones you want to follow and then tap on ‘Looks good’.

Now, tap and select the topics of your interest and Clubhouse will find more people for you to connect with. If you don’t want to follow anyone right now, tap on ‘Skip’ at the top-right corner.

When you chose interests, the ‘Skip’ option at the bottom will change to ‘Find People’. Tap on it to proceed.

Clubhouse will now suggest a list of people for you to follow. If you want to follow everyone on the list, tap on ‘Follow’.

The app will now ask you to enable notifications. Tap where the finger points and the confirmation box will pop-up.

Tap on ‘Allow’ in the confirmation box.

Clubhouse may ask for permission to find and connect to other devices on your local network. If you want to give the permission, tap on ‘OK”, otherwise, tap on ‘Don’t Allow’

The setup process of the Clubhouse app is now complete. You will now be in the Clubhouse App Hallway, an app-specific term for the main screen. In the Hallway, you will see the current and scheduled chatrooms.

Get someone to invite you to the app, and be an early participant in the social networking revolution the world is about to see.