The Clubhouse app has gained tremendous popularity amongst social media enthusiasts ever since it was launched. It’s a refreshing networking concept, which coupled with a straightforward interface and word of mouth promotion has made it even more captivating.

The app is available on an invite-only basis for now, and each user gets to invite two people to the platform. If you already got a Clubhouse invite and are a user, you must be wondering how to start a room in Clubhouse. It’s pretty simple actually. You can either start a spontaneous room or schedule one.

Starting a Room in Clubhouse

There are three types of rooms in Clubhouse, Open, Social and Closed. If you start an Open room, it will be visible to people from across the globe while in the case of social, people you follow can only join the room. The last option is a Closed room, where only people you invite can join.

Spontaneously Starting a Room

You can spontaneously start a room in Clubhouse by tapping on ‘Start a room’ at the bottom of the Hallway screen.

Now you can select whether you want to start an Open, Social, or Closed room. You can also provide a specific topic for the room by tapping on ‘Add a Topic’. A room can be changed from closed to open or social, while you are interacting with others after it’s started.

To start a closed room, tap on ‘Closed’ and then on ‘Choose People’.

Select the people you want to join the room and then tap on ‘Let’s Go’ at the bottom.

If starting a room for the first time, you will be asked to allow access to microphone. Click ‘OK’ on the permission box to allow.

A room is now created and you can start talking to other participants. To edit the room settings, search for a participant or end the room, click on three dots at the top-right corner.

Tap on ‘Let Visitors In’ to change the room type.

To change the room to Open, tap on tap on ‘Everyone’ while to change it to Social, tap on ‘Anyone a Moderator Follows’.

You can similarly start an open or social room by selecting the option when prompted at the start.

Schedule a Room/Event in Clubhouse

Clubhouse also offers the option to schedule a room. In this, you can select a date and time when you want to interact with others. Scheduling a room offers various advantages as you get to inform others beforehand, which ensures higher participation. Also, you can share the room details on various other social networking platforms.

To schedule a room, tap on the calendar icon at the top.

This is the events page on Clubhouse and you can see the various upcoming events on this screen. Tap on the ‘Calendar with a plus sign’ at the top-right corner.

The next page is for the event details page. Here, you get to enter the event name, add co-host or guest, select the date and time, and add a description of the event. Clubhouse has a 200 word limit for description which is pretty decent for most users.

Enter the ‘Event Name in the first box from the top. The host name is next in line. Since you are the host, your name and photo will be displayed here. To add a co-host or guest, tap on the next section which goes by the same name. A co-host has powers similar to the host and can remove people, edit or cancel the event, therefore, always choose people you are familiar with for the role.

To add, select one from the list or search for them in the search box at the top. You can only add people who follow you to the room.

After you have filled out all the details and set a time, tap on ‘Publish’ at the top-right corner.

Once the room or event is created, you will be redirected to the events page, and will see the room details at the bottom. You can also share the room details through the share option or tweet it with the next option. There is also an option to copy the link or add an alert to your Apple or Google calendar.

If you have entered the event details incorrectly or forgot to add someone, you can edit it anytime and even delete the event.

To edit, go to the events window and tap on ‘UPCOMING FOR YOU’ at the top. Now, select ‘My Events’ from the menu.

You can see the event in question on this screen. Tap on ‘Edit’ at the top-right corner of the event details.

You can edit the event details on this page. Furthermore, if you want to delete the account, tap on ‘Delete’ at the bottom.

Tap on ‘Delete Event’ on the permission box that pops up next, and the event will be deleted.

After reading this article, you can now easily start a room in Clubhouse. Once you start a room, your start interacting with others, your interest in the app will increase manifold.