To unblur CourseHero for free, use the 'Inspect Element' method on Google Chrome. Navigate to the desired document, highlight the blurred section, right-click, and select 'Inspect'. Locate the 'div' tag with the 'anon-hide obscured' parameter, edit the attribute, and change it to 'none'.

Homework and assignments are a ubiquitous part of a student’s life. There’s no running away from it. But what you can do is run toward some kind of homework help. And Course Hero is one of the most popular websites when it comes to homework help.

With their repository of real assignment questions from real and tangible courses from top colleges and schools, the chances of you stumbling into the exact question you were looking for are pretty high. But the only problem that remains now is that bar a preview, the rest of the content in all documents is generally blurred and, hence, not so helpful. Let’s have a look at all the ways you can unblur a Course Hero document, shall we?

The Official Methods

As is the case with most things on the internet these days, there’s an official way, and then there are the unofficial methods, i.e., the tips and tricks. There are two ways you can unblur Course Hero officially – by either buying a subscription or using the free method.

Upload Documents to Unblur Course Hero for Free

The official way to use Course Hero for free is pretty easy. All you need are copies of original notes or documents. The content should be original, i.e., either you own the copyright or have permission from the person who owns the copyright to upload it, and it should not be plagiarized either.

Here's how it works:

  1. Creating a free account on the Course Hero website.
  2. After that, upload your notes or documents to the Course Hero site by clicking the 'Upload now for Access' button.
  1. After you upload the original documents, you’d have to wait somewhere from a few hours to up to 3 days.
  2. When the Course Hero team approves your documents, you’ll get free unlocks in an email.
  3. For every 10 successfully approved documents, you get 5 unlocks. You can use 1 unlock to unblur one Course Hero document.

It’s good practice to upload extra documents, just in case, as only the ones that’ll get accepted will count towards the number of free unlocks you’ll get. All unlocks you receive after uploading documents expire after 30 days.

Get a Course Hero Subscription

The second official way involves getting a Course Hero subscription. A Course Hero Premier subscription gives you 30 unlocks every month, along with access to textbook solutions and explanations and the ability to ask tutor questions (up to 40 for the yearly plan, 20 for the quarterly plan, and 10 for the monthly plan).

With these 30 unlocks you get every month, you can unblur 30 Course Hero documents. These unlocks refresh every month. And if you have any unused ones, they won’t be carried over to next month.

It also saves you from having to spend time uploading any of your documents. But, hey, if you want to help other students with your notes, you can still go ahead and upload them by all means. It would just mean extra unlocks for you.

You can get a Course Hero Premier subscription for

  • $29.95/month for a month
  • $19.95/month for a 3-month subscription (one up-front payment of $59.85)
  • $9.95/month for a yearly subscription (an up-front payment of $119.40).

There's also another type of Course Hero subscription available – Course Hero Trio. Along with Course Hero features, this subscription also unlocks access to Quillbot Premium (an AI-powered service for writing) and Symbolab (Math Solver). It costs:

  • $34.95/month for a month
  • $23.95/month for a 3-month subscription (one up-front payment of $71.85)
  • $11.95/month for a yearly subscription (an up-front payment of $143.40).

If you plan on using Course Hero often, a subscription might be the way you want to go. You can also pool some money with your friends and buy a subscription in partnership. But if you plan on using the site scarcely, it might not be the best thing for you.

Other Official Methods

There are also other official methods to get free unlocks for Course Hero, like making a quiz or rating documents.

You can make a quiz and submit it for any document on Course Hero, but this requires you to have an unblurred document initially. So, this method can be thought of as a way of getting additional unlocks as it isn’t particularly useful in the beginning when you don’t have any unlocks to unblur a document. Each quiz can earn you up to 3 unlocks.

You can also rate other documents on the website to earn additional unlocks. You get 1 unlock for every 5 documents you rate on Course Hero.

Other Methods to Unblur Course Hero

There are some “unofficial” methods you can use to unblur your Course Hero material. However, the catch with these methods is that they are device-specific and might not always work.

Note: There used to be a popular method for using the Course Hero++ app tweaked from the OJ Apps store. But it is no longer a viable option as OJ Apps is not working anymore.

Unblur Course Hero on a PC using 'Inspect Element'

This method is more of a trick, and if you’re lucky, it’d unblur your Course Hero documents within a matter of minutes.

  1. Go to the Course Hero website on your computer using the Google Chrome browser and open the document you want to see.
  2. Highlight the part of the document that is blurred and right-click on it. Select ‘Inspect’ from the context menu that appears.
  1. A window will open on the right that contains the code for the page. In the open window, you’ll find a 'div' tag with an anon-hide obscured parameter. You can also use Ctrl + F and search for keywords "obscured" or "hide" if you don’t find the div tag right away.
  2. Then, right-click on the tag and select 'Edit Attribute' from the menu. Type none for the new 'class' element and press the Enter key.
  1. The blurred document from Course Hero should unblur.
Note: Remember that this is more of a bug. Course Hero has recently made changes to their website to fix this bug. As such, it might not work. However, it might still work for some types of documents, especially those blurred without the use of an image.

Use a Third-Party Seller

Another option you can try to unblur Course Hero is using a third-party seller, like courseherounlocker.com.

The third-party seller purchases the Course Hero unlocks themselves, and sell them further. For $2.25, you can buy a document or textbook from them instead of paying the full subscription fee for Course Hero.

Use a VPN

While not guaranteed to work, you can try using a VPN. If the Course Hero restrictions are different for the country from which you're now accessing the website with the help of a VPN, you could have access to previously blurred content.

However, when using a VPN, do remember that there could be consequences. This method is ethically questionable and can result in Course Hero banning your account.

So, there you have it. There are several ways you can unblur Course Hero documents to get help with your homework. While using Course Hero, it’s best to remember that you cannot use exact answers for essays or literature; it’ll be considered plagiarism. You can, although, use the answers for mathematics and other stuff.