Blockchain domains are the new digital assets that are fully under the owner’s control, unlike traditional domains which are regulated by ICANN. A blockchain domain is nothing but a simple name to the hexadecimal cryptocurrency wallet address as they are hard to remember.

You cannot access Blockchain domains from Google Chrome, Firefox, or Edge with the default settings they come with. Only Opera browser has the feature to access blockchain domains.

But thankfully, you can configure the default settings on the browser you use and visit blockchain or crypto domains hassle-free.

Enable Blockchain Domains in Chrome

You can access blockchain domains from Google Chrome by installing Unstoppable Extension or by changing the browser’s security settings.

Using the ‘Unstoppable Extension’

You need to install Unstoppable Extension which is available on Chrome Webstore. Go to and search for the ‘Unstoppable Extension’, or use this link to open the extension page directly in the Chrome Web Store.

Click on ‘Add to Chrome’ in the extension page to start installing it.

You will see a dialog box asking you to confirm adding the extension. Click on ‘Add extension’.

It will install ‘Unstoppable Extension’ to Chrome and enabled automatically.

To confirm if it is working or not, enter a blockchain domain name in the Chrome address bar and hit enter.

You can see the blockchain web address we enter get redirected to a webpage with a hexadecimal cryptocurrency wallet address.

Changing DNS Settings in Chrome to Access Blockchain Domains

The flipside of using an extension on Chrome is Google may remove the extension from the Chrome Webstore citing privacy or security reasons at any time. You can stop depending on ‘Unstoppable Extension’ by configuring a custom DNS setting on Chrome.

To change Chrome DNS setting, click on the three-dot button on the toolbar of Chrome and select ‘Settings’ from the options.

Then, click on ‘Privacy and security’ in the left-side panel of ‘Settings’ page.

In the ‘Privacy and security’ settings, click on ‘Security’ to access security settings of Chrome.

Scroll down the ‘Security’ settings page until you see the ‘Advanced’ section.

You have to change DNS to a custom URL. Check the button beside ‘With Customised’ and enter the below URL in the URL text box.

Close the settings and you’ll be able to browser blockchain domains without any issue.

Just remember to add forward-slash (/) at the end of the domain name to bypass Google search and enter blockchain domains. For example, if you need to visit ‘kyber.crypto’, you have to enter kyber.crypto/ in the address bar.

Enable Blockchain Domains in Firefox

Unlike Chrome, Firefox doesn’t have an extension to enable Blockchain domains. You can enable them by changing the default DNS to custom DNS in the browser’s setting.

To change the DNS, click on the hamburger icon on the toolbar of Firefox and select ‘Options’ to go to browser settings.

Scroll down the options page to the bottom and click on ‘Settings….’ in ‘Network Settings’.

It will open the ‘Connection Settings’ dialog box. Scroll down and check the button next to ‘Enable DNS over HTTPS’ to enable it.

Click anywhere on the dropdown menu beside ‘Use Provider’ and set it to custom.

Changing ‘Use Provider’ to custom shows you a ‘Custom’ text box below it. Copy/Paste the following URL and click ‘OK’.

Now, enter the blockchain domain with a forward-slash (/) at the end in the address bar and hit enter to access it.

Enable Blockchain Domains in Microsoft Edge

Even in Microsoft Edge, you can enable Blockchain Domains by changing the default DNS to custom DNS.

To change the DNS, click on the three-dot icon in the toolbar of Microsoft Edge and select ‘Settings’.

On the ‘Settings’ page, click on ‘Privacy, search, and services’ from the left-side menu.

Scroll down to ‘Security’ section in the ‘Privacy, search, and services’ page, check the button beside ‘Choose a service provider’ and copy/paste the below address in the URL text box and click anywhere outside it to save.

You have enabled blockchain domains on Microsoft Edge successfully. Enter the blockchain domain name in the address bar with a forward-slash (/) and hit enter to visit the website.