The winds of change are blowing, and lo and behold, they reek of artificial intelligence. Nothing, absolutely nothing, escapes this breeze, not even our dear old presentations. It's as if these once plain-Jane PowerPoints are now partying at the glam AI club, decked out in sparkling algorithms.

Just when you thought the disco couldn't get any wilder, the scene is now flooded with such software, dancing, and prancing around, each claiming to be the best partner for your presentation waltz. How do you know whom to choose? Fear not! We've got a knight in shining armor ready to save the day. Make way for Tome AI, your perfect dance partner in this techno-jamboree!

What is Tome AI

What is Tome AI, you ask? Picture a world where AI and storytelling go together like mac and cheese, a divine combination that'll have you salivating for more. Welcome to the domain of Tome AI, a storytelling format where AI doesn't just play a supporting role—it's the lead actor!

You type in a prompt, hit that magic button, and bam! Out pops a fully formed presentation, complete with snazzy images and engrossing text. It's like having a magical genie that turns your every wish into a stunning presentation!

The best part? You can even iterate with AI to get that message, tone, or image just right. Even once the AI has created the presentation, it can switch up the image style or shorten the text for you. All you need to do is ask, and Tome AI will oblige.

You can even use existing documents like creative briefs, strategy docs, or even websites and ask Tome AI to give them a facelift. It is like the plastic surgeon of the tech world, ready to transform your content into a dazzling presentation that packs a punch.

What's more? With Tome AI, you can forget about static, yawn-inducing presentations. This app is all about turning the ordinary into the extraordinary – with everything, from 3D models and animations to videos, data analytics, and social media, at your disposal, you'll never create a presentation that's making people draw open eyes on their eyelids just to get through it.

And let's not forget the cherry on top - the design aspect. With Tome AI, you can create a visually stunning story with smart themes and responsive layouts.

Oh, and did I mention the convenience factor? You can have all your content in one convenient place, and it looks fabulous on any screen. You get a single link that lets you share your tome with the world in an immersive, full-screen experience. It's like having your own personal screening room!

Last but not least, you can not only create awesome content but also keep track of who’s ogling your work with advanced analytics. Who knew being a data nerd could be so cool? Tome did!

Tome AI Pricing

You can use Tome for free, where you get limited access to Tome AI – 500 AI compute credits, to be exact. Other Tome features can be used without any limits for individuals, but for 2+ people in a Workspace, there are limited creations available. If you run out of credits, you can try another app – Gamma AI – that's also amazing at creating presentations; seriously, it's difficult to choose between these two. We've already covered it in the guide linked below.

How to Use Gamma AI
Say goodbye to the tedious work and hello to amazing presentations with AI-powered content creation.

There are also Pro and Enterprise plans available. The Pro plan costs $10/person per month (or $8 when billed annually) and offers unlimited Tome and AI creations. It also includes other features such as no watermark, the option to import to PDF, custom logos, etc.

Tome also has an Edu plan for students and educators. If you sign up with an .edu account or provide proof of enrollment, you get 5000 computational AI credits that you can use to create or edit the presentations.

How to Use Tome AI

Now that you are acquainted with Tome AI, let's get on to the part about using it.

Getting Started

To get started, navigate to and click the 'Try Tome' button.

Then, sign up using either your email address or your Google account.

Enter your name and role to create a Tome profile and click 'Next'.

Then, enter the name for your Workspace and click 'Continue to Workspace'. A workspace is a shared space where you can collaborate on tomes by adding team members. The name that you enter for the Workspace will become a part of its URL, so choose accordingly.

Choose your Tome plan and click 'Continue'. If you chose Pro, complete the purchase. For Basic users, Tome will be set up and ready to use right away.

Using Tome AI

You will reach the homepage for Tome. The interface is rather easy to navigate.

To create a Tome, click the 'Create' button in the top-right corner of the screen.

A prompt bar (also known as a command bar) will appear at the bottom of the screen. Now, you can either use AI to generate the content or create it yourself.

If you close the prompt bar, you can summon it at any time by clicking on it or using the Cmd + K (Mac) or Ctrl + K (Windows) keyboard shortcut.

In the prompt bar, there will be different options to aid you in the creation process using AI, such as creating a presentation or a page by providing a prompt, creating a presentation from a document, creating an image using a prompt, etc. It will also have other options that don't involve the Tome AI, such as adding text yourself, uploading an image, etc. Some of these can be further customized as well.

For example, if you select 'Create presentation about' from the options, it will load into the prompt bar. You can then alter the number of slides you want the presentation to have by clicking on the number in the upper-right side of the prompt bar and adjusting the slider from the option that appears.

Then, describe the topic of the presentation in the prompt bar. Press 'Enter' to send the prompt to Tome AI.

It will generate an outline for the presentation. You can make any changes to the outline or click the 'Regenerate' button to get a new outline. You can also go back and enter a different prompt. But, if you want to generate the presentation, click on the 'Continue' button to proceed.

Tome AI will begin creating the presentation, and it will cost you nearly 15 AI credits. You can keep the presentation or regenerate it again (this will cost additional 15 credits, though).

The presentation will load in the Tome editor. Now, once the presentation is generated, you can edit it however you like.

You can navigate between different slides using the 'left' < and 'right' > arrows or by clicking the slide number from the pane on the left. You can also rearrange the slides by dragging them up or down. You can also go back to your Tome workspace by clicking the 'back arrow <' in the top left corner.

There's also a toolbar on the right which houses options to change the theme, add new tiles, and record narration for the presentation. All of these options can also be accessed from the command bar. Click the 'Set theme' button to change the theme.

You can change the theme of the entire presentation or the current page. Switch between the 'Tome' and 'Page' tabs and make the changes.

Click the drop-down menu below Theme to select a theme.

You can also make custom changes to the background color, font, or text color and even save the custom theme for the future by clicking 'Save theme'.

One of the things that impressed me the most was how easy it is to add and rearrange the content with the Adaptive Tile system.

You can drag any tile of content on the page anywhere, and Tome will automatically handle the formatting. Hold and drag the tile; any place where you can drop the tile will be highlighted in pink; drag it onto the desired location.

The content on the page will automatically reformat without anything getting messed up.

You can not only drag and rearrange the existing tiles but also add new tiles. Click on the '+' icon from the toolbar on the right.

Then, drag the type of tile you want to add onto the page.

As you add more content to the page, you don't even have to worry about it fitting onto it. Tome pages are infinite in length; as you add more content, the page keeps growing to fit your needs. But it does not mess with the look of the other pages in the deck.

To delete a tile, simply select it (again, it will be highlighted in pink) and press the Del button.

You can also resize any tiles by dragging the grey handle that appears on the borders of the tile.

To add more pages to the presentation, you can click the 'Add page' button in the bottom left corner and then select the layout of the page you want to enter.

You can also ask Tome AI to enter more pages for you. Go to the command bar and select 'Create page about' from the options. Then, describe what you want the page to be about. Each additional request from the AI will cost you 5 credits.

Tome AI will generate some sample pages. Select the one you want to keep and click the 'Keep' option. You can also ask the AI to regenerate the page samples, but it will count as an additional request to the AI and will cost you 5 credits.

Tome AI can also help with editing written content. While you can't use it to generate written content separately, you can use it to edit the content that is already written – whether generated by Tome AI or written by you. Select the text you want to edit. Then, click on 'AI edit' from the hovering toolbar that appears.

Then, select what you want Tome AI to do – 'Rewrite', 'Adjust Tone', 'Fix spelling and grammar', 'Reduce' (shorten), or 'Extend' the text.

Moreover, you cannot only upload your own images or insert images from Unsplash on Tome for your presentations, but you can also ask the AI to generate an image for you as well. Tome uses Stable Diffusion to create images from prompts. The Tome AI can provide all-rounded help in creating presentations. Go to the prompt bar and select 'Create Image' from the options.

Then, provide the prompt describing the image you want the AI to produce and click on 'Generate'.

The toolbar on the top has further options for presenting, sharing the presentation, renaming, etc.

Whether you're the CEO of a mega-corporation, an ambitious startup founder, or just someone with a story to tell, Tome AI is here to make sure your narrative shines brighter than a disco ball at a '70s party! You will need to work on your prompts to generate great results, though.