Whether you’re trying to find a post that you liked or you accidentally liked a post and want to unlike it, finding your liked posts on Instagram is no hassle at all. In fact, the app has even improved the overall feature, adding sorting options to the mix.

So, you can’t just find your liked posts on Instagram anymore, you can also find a post you might have liked on a particular date or in a particular time period, effectively narrowing down your search. If you want to view the posts someone else liked, there’s no such option on Instagram anymore and there hasn’t been for a few years. Let’s dive right in and see the ins and outs of this feature.

Viewing your Liked Posts

Instagram has not only upgraded the feature but has also completely changed how you can access it. In the latest update of the app, this is how the process goes. Open the Instagram app on your phone and go to the ‘Profile’ tab from the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen.

Then, tap the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner of the screen.

An overlay menu will appear on the screen. Tap ‘Your Activity’ from the options.

Here, tap the option for ‘Interactions’.

In Interactions, you can see all of your interactions on Instagram, from comments to likes to story replies. Tap the option for ‘Likes’.

And voila! You’re now viewing all your liked posts. That’s right. Instagram now shows all the posts you’ve ever liked on the app, going back years. There are no more limits on viewing liked posts. You might have to wait for the old posts to load as you scroll down, though.

Sorting your Liked Posts

To find a particular post that you liked, you can easily use the sorting options. By default, the posts are sorted in the order ‘Newest to Oldest’.

Tap ‘Sort & Filter’ in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Options would appear on an overlay menu. To view your oldest liked posts, tap ‘Sort by’.

Then, select ‘Oldest to Newest’.

Finally, tap ‘Apply’.

To view posts between certain dates, tap the options for ‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’ respectively, and select the dates. Make both the dates the same if you only want to view the posts liked on a certain date. Then, tap ‘Apply’ to save the changes.

To remove the filters, open the menu again and tap ‘Reset’ and apply the changes.

Unliking a Post

To unlike a post, simply tap it from the grid to open it. Then, tap the ‘Like’ button to unlike it.

You can also unlike several posts in one go. From the grid of liked posts, tap the ‘Select’ option in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Then, tap the posts you want to unlike to select them. Finally, tap ‘Unlike’ at the bottom.

Note: You can only unlike 100 posts in one go.

That’s all there is to know about viewing your liked posts on Instagram. Whether you were desperately trying to find a post you liked but didn’t remember the account or you wanted to unlike certain posts, hopefully, this guide will serve you.