Microsoft Teams is a free collaboration and communication platform for audio and video calls, workplace chat, file storage, personal messaging, screen sharing, synchronizing schedules, and more.

Just like any other app, the Microsoft Teams app also provides several useful keyboard shortcuts to help you work faster and more efficiently. Keyboard shortcuts can also help users with mobility and vision impairment access Teams more easily than using a touchscreen or mouse.

In this article, we will show the complete list of keybindings for accessing Microsoft Teams app in Windows, Mac OS, and Web.

General Shortcuts for Microsoft Teams app

General shortcuts help you perform common tasks in the Teams app such as opening settings, going to search, starting a new chat, etc. In case, you are using the Teams web app on a Mac computer, use the Command key instead of the Ctrl key.

Display Keybinding for TeamsCtrl+. (dot)Command+. (dot)Ctrl+. (dot)
Go to SearchCtrl+ECommand+ECtrl+E
Open FilterCtrl+Shift+FCommand+Shift+FCtrl+Shift+F
Open SettingsCtrl+,(Comma)Command+,(Comma)Ctrl+,(Comma)
View CommandsCtrl+/Command+/Ctrl+/
Access the GotoCtrl+GCommand+GCtrl+Shift+G
Begin a new chatCtrl+NCommand+NAlt+N
Zoom inCtrl+=or+ (Equals sign)Command+=(Equals sign)Ctrl+= (Equals sign)
Zoom outCtrl+- (Minus sign)Command+-(Minus sign)Ctrl+-(Minus sign)
Reset zoom levelCtrl+0Command+0Ctrl+0
Open apps flyoutCtrl+`(Accent)Command+`(Accent)Ctrl+`(Accent)
Open HelpF1F1Ctrl+F1
Download diagnostic logsCtrl+Alt+Shift+1Command+Option+Shift+1No shortcut

Navigation Shortcuts for Teams

Open ActivityCtrl+1Command+1Ctrl+Shift+1
Access Chat tabCtrl+2Command+2Ctrl+Shift+2
Access Teams tabCtrl+3Command+3Ctrl+Shift+3
Open CalendarCtrl+4Command+4Ctrl+Shift+4
Open CallsCtrl+5Command+5Ctrl+Shift+5
Open FilesCtrl+6Command+6Ctrl+Shift+6
Access previous list itemLeft Alt+Up arrow keyLeft Option+Up arrow keyLeft Alt+Up arrow key
Access the next list itemLeft Alt+Down arrow keyLeft Option+Down arrow keyLeft Alt+Down arrow key
Move selected team upCtrl+Shift+Up arrow keyCommand+Shift+Up arrow keyNo shortcut
Move selected team downCtrl+Shift+Down arrow keyCommand+Shift+Down arrow keyNo shortcut
Open the History menuCtrl+Shift+HCommand+Shift+HNo shortcut
Go to the previous sectionCtrl+Shift+F6Command+Shift+F6Ctrl+Shift+F6
Go to the next sectionCtrl+F6Command+F6Ctrl+F6

Meetings and Calls Shortcuts for Teams

Take video callCtrl+Shift+ACommand+Shift+ACtrl+Shift+A
Start video callCtrl+Shift+UCommand+Shift+UCtrl+Shift+U
Take audio callCtrl+Shift+SCommand+Shift+SCtrl+Shift+S
Start audio callCtrl+Shift+CCommand+Shift+CCtrl+Shift+C
Reject the incoming callCtrl+Shift+DCommand+Shift+DCtrl+Shift+D
Toggle mute (ON/OFF)Ctrl+Shift+MCommand+Shift+MCtrl+Shift+M
Toggle video (ON/OFF)Ctrl+Shift+OCommand+Shift+ONo shortcut
Toggle fullscreenCtrl+Shift+FCommand+Shift+FCtrl+Shift+F
Toggle background blur in video callCtrl+Shift+PCommand+Shift+FCtrl+Shift+P
Go to sharing toolbarCtrl+Shift+SpaceCommand+Shift+SpaceCtrl+Shift+Space
Announce raised hands (screen reader)Ctrl+Shift+LCommand+Shift+LCtrl+Shift+L
Raise or lower your hand in meetingCtrl+Shift+KCommand+Shift+KCtrl+Shift+K
Start screen share sessionCtrl+Shift+ECommand+Shift+ECtrl+Shift+E
Accept screen shareCtrl+Shift+ACommand+Shift+ACtrl+Shift+A
Decline screen shareCtrl+Shift+DCommand+Shift+DCtrl+Shift+D
Schedule a meetingAlt+Shift+NOption+Shift+NAlt+Shift+N
Save/send meeting requestCtrl+SCommand+SCtrl+S
Join from meeting detailsAlt+Shift+JOption+Shift+JAlt+Shift+J
Admit people from lobby notificationCtrl+Shift+YCommand+Shift+YCtrl+Shift+Y
Go to current timeAlt+.(Period)Option+.(Period)Alt+.(Period)
Go to previous day/weekCtrl+Alt+Left arrow keyCommand+Option+Left arrow keyCtrl+Alt+Left arrow key
Go to next day/weekCtrl+Alt+Right arrow keyCommand+Option+Right arrow keyCtrl+Alt+Right arrow key
View dayCtrl+Alt+1Command+Option+1Ctrl+Alt+1
View workweekCtrl+Alt+2Command+Option+2Ctrl+Alt+2
View weekCtrl+Alt+3Command+Option+3Ctrl+Alt+3
Turn camera offCtrl+OCommand+OCtrl+O

Messaging Shortcuts for Teams app

Move Focus to Compose boxCCC
Expand the compose boxCtrl+Shift+XCommand+Shift+XCtrl+Shift+X
Send message (expanded compose box)Ctrl+EnterCommand+EnterCtrl+Enter
Start a new line in the messageShift+EnterShift+EnterShift+Enter
Reply to threadRRR
Mark or Tag as importantCtrl+Shift+ICtrl+Shift+ICtrl+Shift+I
Attach a fileCtrl+OCommand+OCtrl+O
Add emoticons(word(word(word
Search current chat/channel messagesCtrl+FCommand+FCtrl+F
Move focus from the chat in the chat list to the best focusable messageSpacebarSpacebarNo shortcut
Move focus from the chat in the chat list to the compose boxEnterEnterNo shortcut
Move focus to the compose box from either the chat list or the right paneAlt+Shift+COption+Shift+CNo shortcut
Move focus to the chat list from the right pane or compose boxEscorCtrl+LCommand+LNo shortcut
Go to the next focusable objectTabTabTab
Go to the previous focusable objectShift+TabShift+TabShift+Tab
Open context menuShift+F10Shift+F10Shift+F10
Start a new chat with the selected accountCtrl+EnterCtrl+EnterCtrl+Enter

To add emoticons using the (word shortcut in the above table, type ( (open parenthesis) and then type a word or describe the emoticons. And Teams will show you a list of suggestions to choose from.

That’s it.