If you are a fierce fan of Stranger Things and wondering what to watch that’s somewhat on similar lines, we would recommend the German time-travel thriller – Dark. Now, if you haven’t done that already, let’s give a bit of a prologue on what Dark is all about. The 10-episode season 1 is centered around the town of Winden in Germany where certain kids have gone missing and others are discovered dead. The town holds a nuclear plant and houses a small population – with 4 prominent families serving as crucial components of Dark’s twisted storyline. Well, let’s ditch the introduction here and proceed with 8 of the top reasons why you should watch this show – if you haven’t already.

It Gives a Whole New Dimension to the Concept of Time Travel

Exploring the concept of time travel is tricky and difficult. But Dark executes it wonderfully with its unique, original plot. It sets up an initial time-travel framework and sticks to it till the end. There are no loose ends and with a bit of concentration, you can figure out the puzzle without getting confused. Creators Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese manage to tell a complicated story in a complicated manner, but don’t make any mistakes. It’s completely airtight with no loopholes. None at all!

It’s the More Matured Version of Stranger Things

If you loved Stranger Things and want a more grown-up version of this Show, then without any doubt, we recommend Dark. The sophisticated, adult, supernatural, and sci-fi thriller has its own distinct plot, set in a more grim, foreboding backdrop. It also comes with extra swear words, nudity, and gory scenes – making it an addictive watch.

A Complex Plot with a 33-Year Time Loop

Dark jumps from one era to another — with a 33-year-time loop — from 1953 to 1986 to 2019 and then to a post-apocalyptic 2052. The transition happens via a wormhole located in the caves of Winden where there’s a time machine. And in these time swaps, you see the same people – in their past, present, and future. You wonder about the concepts of existence, nonexistence, or if everything is connected via a recurring time cycle. It’s fascinating as you try to answer these questions while traveling back and forth across parallel moments in time.

The Question Is Not ‘Where’ But ‘When’

When the boy named Mikkel goes missing, a hooded mysterious figure looks at the newspaper clip which says “Where is Mikkel?”, and rewrites the headline as “When is Mikkel?”. Dark delves on Einstein’s quote — “The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” — and expands this concept to its characters and viewers.

Dark Is Also About Its Characters

With around 20 or more leading cast members, Dark’s plot is about its intricately written characters as well. As the story unfolds the town’s dark, mysterious past, it is also very important to understand each character’s motives and behaviors.

Sinister Backdrop and Stunning Cinematography

Set amidst the dark, brooding forests of Europe, the entire setting of Dark is grim and forlorn. In this dreary ambiance, teenagers get bored and smoke dope by an old cave to relieve them of boredom. The description may sound almost depressing, but this backdrop is what gives Dark its menacing, sinister feel.

Wonderful Backdrop Scores

Music makes a huge impact when it comes to increasing the impact of a show. Dark does a mindblowing job even in this aspect — with a booming, dread-filled theme song. With a combination of 80’s pop music and numbers from contemporary artists, the entire background score transforms this series into the complete package.

It’s Due for a 2nd Season Soon

Dark has been officially renewed for a second season by Netflix. Although there’s no certain date about its release yet, we hope it will be in 2019 sometime this year. As the current timeline of Winden is set in 2019, this seems to be the most viable option. And after the cliffhanger finale of season 1, we are definitely waiting for some answers.

Keep on watching this section for the latest news on Dark. We will be updating it regularly!