How to Quote and Reply to a Specific Message in Google Chat

Google Chat

Google Chat is a service from Google that enables you to communicate with your contacts. Using the ‘rooms’ feature in Google Chat you can even create a chat group with your contacts and interact with them when required.

While using Google Chat, there might arise a situation when you need a reply to a specific message within a series of messages in a group chat or even in a DM thread. Unfortunately, this will come as a slight issue since Google Chat by default doesn’t support the functionality to quote a specific message. This will act as the cause for confusion especially while using the ‘rooms’ feature with multiple members. Since you won’t understand which reply belongs to which message.

In this article, we will see how to tackle this situation and be able to quote or reply to a specific message in Google Chat.

Use Backticks to Quote a Specific Message

While Google Chat doesn’t yet have a way to quote and reply to a specific message for regular ( accounts, you can manually use the code block format to quote a message. It’s not convenient by any means, but unless there’s a working Chrome Extension or in-built support in Google Chat, this is the only way.

To manually quote and reply to a specific message, we’ll place three backtick ``` before and after the message.

To get started, first triple-click on the message you want to quote, then right-click on it and copy.

Now, in the message typing area, type three backtick ``` at the beginning of the message, then paste the message you copied above (the one to quote), and then put three backticks ``` again at the end of the pasted message.

I’ve used “Shift + Enter” before and after the three backticks for presentation here but it’s NOT necessary that you format it similarly

Once you have formatted the message you wish to quote, press Shift + Enter on your keyboard to add a new line and add your reply to the quoted message.

Finally, hit Enter to send the message. Google Chat will display the quoted message in a code block (which is not pretty, but serves the purpose).

Use a Chrome Extension to Quote Specific Message in Google Chat

Initially, when you open The Google Chat window and point the cursor on a specific message you will observe only two options. One will read ‘Forward to inbox’ and the other will add a reaction to the selected message. Apart from this, there is no option to quote a particular message.

In order to add the feature that will help you quoting a particular message, we will install a third-party Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store. In the address bar type and press ‘Enter’.

In the left panel on the Chrome Web Store, you will see a search box. Type the extension name “Google Chat thread links & quote reply” in the search box and press ‘Enter’.

Out of the appeared results, click on the one that reads ‘Google Chat thread links & quote reply’.

On the next page, you will see a ‘Add to Chrome’ button to add the extension to your browser. Click on that button.

A dialogue box will appear on the screen once you click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button. This dialogue box will ask your permission to add the extension to your browser. To allow it, click on the ‘Add extension’ button and it will add the extension to your Chrome browser.

You can check if the extension is added or not by clicking on the ‘Extensions’ icon just after the address bar. A dialogue box will appear, listing all the extensions installed in your browser.

Quoting a Message in Google Chat

Once the extension is added, launch the Google Chat app window and open a conversation in which you want to quote a message. Then, hover the cursor over a message and you’ll see the option to quote and reply to it.

Functionality to quote a message

You can also quote more than one message in a single reply using the extension.

Being able to quote and reply to specific messages in group chats or even in DM threads gives you and everyone else you’re communicating with a better way to keep track of the conversation.