Sayonara Wild Hearts tips to help you play better

Sayonara Wild Hearts is one of the few truly innovative game that you shouldn’t miss. The game has a pace that never rests and sets you on a race to beat ’em heartbreaking evil arcanums with just the right music, and never ending fun. I played Sayonara breathlessly and completed it in an hour, then I ate food, and after that I played it all over again.

Seriously, I haven’t played a game as fun as Sayonara in a long time. Huge props to Simon Flesser and Magnus Gordon of Simogo who developed this game.

Sayonara is so well made that you probably won’t need a guide to complete all levels, but here are some minor tips anyway to help you fully enjoy the game.

🎧 Wear headphones

Star girl in the game playing guitar

Music drives this game, really. Wear the best headphone you have while playing Sayonara to immerse yourself in the gameplay.

💛 Tap hearts after a split-second to get perfect 250 points

Tap Heart a split second after it powers up

Throughout the game play, you’ll get scenes where you have to tap the heart power to dodge an enemy attack or jump off a road. If you tap it timely, you’ll earn bonus points. We learned that pressing it after a split second of its full appearance earns you 250 points. Or else you’ll either get 100 or 50 points.

🏎 Drift your car in level 16 — Night Drift

Drifting a car in Sayonara Wild Hearts

The only time you get to drive a car in Sayonara is in level 16 — Night Drift. Drifting your car in this level earns you great points. To drift your car, repeatedly swipe in the direction of the turn.

If the road is turning left, repeatedly do left swipes on the screen to let the car drift alongside the road’s turn. This level is only about drifting your car, the more you do the better rank you’ll get.

🛣 Check the road ahead in level 13 — Parallel Universe

Escaping the madness in “Parallel Universe” with a Zig Zag pattern

In the level 13 “Paraller Universe” the objects on the will shift positions. You have to make sure that you’re looking ahead and keeping your bike in the lane where it needs to be by the time you reach the spot.

Also, there will be a time in this level where driving in zig zag form would help avoid the confusion. Check the video above for this situation.

💀 Shoot skulls in a row to earn combos

In the level 21st of the game, you’ll get to shoot skulls in the air. The trick to shoot all skulls and earn combos thereby is to precisely swipe your aim over the skulls in a row. You don’t need to hold you aim on a skull to shoot it, just hover the aim over it and it’ll be shot dead. If you do this carefully, you’ll earn great combo points.

Going in zig zag pattern will help in most situations

Throughout the game when you feel like you can’t escape the enemy attacks or obstructions on the road, try following a zig zag pattern to get past the situation. I have tried it on multiple levels in the game and can tell you with confidence that it works effortlessly.

If you have any tips to share about Sayonara Wild Hearts. Be sure to post it in the comments below.