How to Install Safari Extensions on iPhone

Learn how to install extensions for Safari on your iPhone and enjoy the flexibility of features along with the top-notch security and privacy of Safari.

Browser tabs

How to Auto Refresh Tabs in Chrome

There are many scenarios where you need a webpage to reload at a set interval to maybe receive new messages…

iPhone Full Page Screenshot-iOS-13

How to Take Full Page (Scrolling) Screenshot in Chrome on iPhone

Seamlessly capture full-page screenshots in Chrome on iPhone and bid farewell to any workaround that you have been using until now.

Chrome Memories

What is Chrome Memories and How to Enable and Use It

All you need to know about Chrome Memories, a refined version of your browsing History in Google Chrome.

Bulk Add Members in Microsoft Teams

How to Bulk Add Members in Microsoft Teams using ‘Refined Microsoft Teams’ Extension or Windows PowerShell

Create large teams effortlessly with ‘Refined Microsoft Teams’ extension for Teams web app, or use the Windows PowerShell method.

Google Chrome

How to Turn Off Trending Searches in Chrome

Annoyed by constant suggestions from Chrome while searching? Turn off the trending searches in Chrome quickly and search for everything in peace!

Google Chrome

How to Use Google Discover in Chrome

Google appears to be doing away with the ‘Articles for you’ section and replacing it with Google Discover in Chrome…

Video Call Google Meet

How to See Yourself on Google Meet

Keeping an eye on yourself is much easier now in Google Meet meetings


How to Raid on Twitch

Indulge in an act of online generosity by raiding a channel on Twitch.


How to Add Gradient Color to Text in Canva

Don’t let the lack of a gradient effect for text in Canva stop you.

Dark Mode Google

How to Enable or Disable Dark Mode in Google Search

Your eyes thank you for using this feature when you Google something. Your ophthalmologist might not. Just kidding, sort of.

Time limit

Does Google Meet Have a Time Limit?

Currently, there is no limit on the platform. But meetings for free users could be getting shorter in the near future.


What is a Hashflag on Twitter?

Everything you need to know about mysterious and disappearing Hashflags.

Browser tabs

How to Use Tab Groups in Safari on iPhone and Mac

Always have a bazillion of tabs open? Learn how to create a Tab Group in Safari to manage tabs efficiently and declutter your research work.

Pie Chart

How to Create a Pie Chart in Google Sheets

This tutorial covers everything about creating, editing, customizing, downloading, and publishing a Pie Chart in Google Sheets.

Canva Margins

How to Use Margins in Canva

Use Margins in Canva and never lose important design elements to the printing press.

Google Chrome

How to Change New Tab Background in Chrome

Bored of seeing that same plain background of Chrome daily? It’s high time to change to new tab background and add some personalization to it as well!

Content plan

How to Use Canva Content Planner

Plan your content weeks, even months, in advance and save time while publishing it with the Content Planner

Google Chat

Google Chat Tips and Tricks You Must Know

Using Google Chat in your daily life? Well, here’s a compilation of Google Chat tips and tricks you must know about.


How to Create an Ebook in Canva

Design and create your next bestseller with Canva’s eBook creation tools

Chrome Password Manager

How to Edit or Update Saved Passwords in Chrome

Looking for a way to edit or update already saved passwords in Chrome? Or you just want to have a quick look at the features available? Look no further!