Confidential Email Gmail

How to Send a Confidential Email on Gmail

Once the email lands in the confidential mode, security is in your hands.

NFT Collection

How to Create an NFT for Free

Learn how to create NFTs for free on Ethereum or truly gas-free NFTs on OpenSea

Schedule Email

How to Schedule Emails on Gmail For Desktop and Mobile

Scheduling your emails is a great way to delete sending certain emails!

NFT Wallet

Top 6 NFT Wallets to Secure Your NFT Collection

Choosing the right wallet is crucial to securing your NFT collection.


What is the TikTok NFT?

NFTs are now spilling into the mainstream media and TikTok wants some of the action.

NFT Price

What are Gas Fees for NFTs?

Understand the most challenging aspect of NFTs.

Sell NFT

How to Sell NFTs on OpenSea

A complete guide to create and sell your first NFT on OpenSea – the most accessible NFT market out there.

NFT Computer

What is NFT on Twitter?

The two worlds of centralized and decentralized apps might collide soon as Twitter promises a new feature to flaunt your NFT collection.

NFT Marketplace

Top 10 NFT Marketplaces

A guide to navigating the abundant world of NFT marketplaces!

NFT Wallet

Do NFTs Really Last Forever?

Not really. You can lose your NFTs if you’re not careful.


How to Use Emojis in Google Chat

Quickly insert and use emojis in Google Chat with these handy tips.

Dark Mode

How to Turn Off Dark Mode on Chrome

Turn off the dark mode in Chrome when you’re not really using your device in a dark environment.


Is Ethereum Getting More Expensive to Mint NFT as the Coin Price Rises?

Minting NFTs on Ethereum is getting expensive, but it has nothing to do with the price of Ether.

NFT Blockchain

What are Different Blockchains for NFTs?

Understand different blockchain platforms and associated NFT standards, so you can make the right choice.

Securing Website Passwords

How to Fix it When Chrome is Not Saving Passwords

Unable to save passwords in Chrome? Here are six ways to quickly resolve the issue.

Mint NFT

What Does it Mean to Mint an NFT?

Before you spend any money on NFTs, it’s important to get the basics right!

Web Page Translate

How to Change Language in Chrome and Automatically Translate Web Pages

Amp up your PC’s Chrome settings to browse in your comfort zone

Web Passwords

How to Delete Saved Passwords in Microsoft Edge

Accidentally saved a password you shouldn’t have? This guide is here to help you remove a saved password

Delete user account

How to Delete your Microsoft Account

A simple guide to help you get rid of your Microsoft account.

Canva Logo

How to Cancel Canva Subscription

Easily cancel your Canva Pro subscription if it isn’t your cup of tea anymore

Private web browser

How to Make Chrome Private (Incognito) By Default

Everything you need to know about making Chrome a privacy-first browser and incognito by default on your desktop computer.

Web Security

How to Enable Enhanced Protection in Google Chrome

Enable Enhanced Protection in Google Chrome to strengthen web security and keep your data secure.


How to Install Safari Extensions on iPhone

Learn how to install extensions for Safari on your iPhone and enjoy the flexibility of features along with the top-notch security and privacy of Safari.