Time needed:Β 2 minutes.

The idea of using iTunes for transferring stuff in & out of iPhone is overrated? You might hear folks saying iTunes is required for transferring any file from iPhone to a Mac or Windows PC (even photos), but that isn’t entirely true.

You can transfer photos from iPhone to Computer without iTunes easily by plugging in the iPhone with a Lightning to USB cable to your computer. It works just like a USB drive, you can access the photos, copy them to the computer or even delete from the iPhone.

  1. Connect your iPhone to the computer

    Get a USB to Lightning cable and connect your iPhone to the computer using it.
    iPhone Lightning USB Connector

  2. Access Apple iPhone device

    Open the β€œApple iPhone” device from the Devices section on your computer. On Windows PCs,Β go to My Computer (This PC), look for β€œApple iPhone” under the Devices section and open it.
    Select Apple iPhone Device Windows My Computer This PC

  3. Go to Internal Storage Β» DCIM Β» 100Apple

    Once you’ve opened Apple iPhone device, click Internal Storage Β» then go to DCIM Β» 100Apple folder.
    β””Β It could be 100Apple or 1xxApple, depends on your device. iPhone Photos Computer Windows 100Apple DCIM

  4. Select and copy the photos

    Select the photos you wish to transfer, then right-click and select Copy from the context menu.
    Copy photos iPhone Computer 100Apple

  5. Paste the photos to your computer

    Go to the folder where you want to save the copied photos from iPhone, right-click inside the folder and select Paste from the menu. You can also just press Ctrl + V to transfer the photos inside a folder.
    Paste files empty folder

That’s it. You can easily transfer photos from iPhone to computer without iTunes just like you transfer files from USB drives.
🍻 Cheers!