There many ways and many apps to export contacts from iPhone. The only inbuilt method though is iCloud which works wondersfully well, but if you don’t wish to use iCloud we have included a few of the apps as well to help you export contacts (for free).

☁ Export contacts using iCloud

To export contacts using iCloud, you need to enable iCloud Contacts sync on your iPhone first and then export the vCard file from the iCloud web interface.

  1. Enable iCloud Contacts sync on iPhone
    On your iPhone, go to Settings » tap [your name] at the top of settings screen » then tap iCloud and turn on toggle switch for Contacts under iCloud sync settings.
    Sync iPhone contacts iCloud
  2. Sign in to
    Open on your computer and login with the same Apple ID that you use on your iPhone. Then click the Contacts icon from iCloud Web dashboard.
    iCloud Contacts Icon
  3. Select all contacts
    On the Contacts screen on iCloud web, click the ⚙ Settings icon at bottom left corner of the screen.
    Select all contacts iCloud
  4. Export vCard file
    After you’ve selected all contacts, click the ⚙ Settings icon again and select Export vCard file from the menu.
    Export vCard iPhone Contacts iCloud
  5. Save the vCard file
    Right after you hit the Export vCard option, iCloud will build the file and initiate download. If you get a prompt to allow download of the file, make sure you accept it.

That’s it. All your contacts should be exported to vCard file downloaded from iCloud.

📱 Export contacts using “Contacts Backup + Transfer” app

If the iCloud contacts export isn’t an option for you or if it isn’t working correctly, then the “Contacts Backup + Transfer” app should help you export contacts easily and quickly.

  1. Install “Contacts Backup + Transfer” app from App Store
    Open App Store on your iPhone and look for the “Contacts Backup + Transfer” app, or just hit the App Store link below. Download and install the app on your iPhone.
    👉 App Store Link
  2. Create Contacts Backup using the app
    Open the “Contacts Backup + Transfer” app we downloaded in the step above and hit the Create Backup button on the main screen. Give the app permission to access your Contacts and select All Contacts when prompted to export all contacts to vCard file.
    Create Backup Contacts iPhone app
  3. Ignore the Premium Subscription prompt
    When the Backup is finished, you may get a prompt to get premium subscription for automatic backups. Ignore it by hitting the cross button on the top left corner.
  4. Share the Contacts Backup file
    Hit the Open Backup button and select the app through which you’d like to share the exported Contacts file. We recommend using the Mail or Gmail app to send the vCard file to yourself so you can access it from anywhere from your mailbox.

That’s all. We hope you were able to export contacts from iPhone using the methods discussed above.
🍻 Cheers!