The next frontier in online shopping is here. Now, you can virtually try-on sneakers using the “Wanna Kicks” App from a startup company Wannaby. The app uses 3D augmented reality (AR) to let you try on sneakers, making it easier for anyone to find the perfect sneakers, breaking all shopping barriers.

The app is available to download for free on both iPhone and Android devices.

To start using the app, open it and choose any shoe from the list of sneakers to try on. You will have to give the app camera access to let it work its magic.

Then, just point the camera at your feet – and Shazaam! You’re virtually wearing your chosen sneakers.

You can even move around and see different angles of the sneakers on your feet as you would do in a physical store. You can also switch between the different variants of the sneaker available.

You can move your feet to see different angles of the shoe.

It also allows you to take photos or make a video of you trying on the sneaker and share it on social media. Just tap on the camera or video icon on the right edge of the screen.

The whole idea behind the technology is simple. The better you know how a sneaker would look like when you’re actually wearing them, the more likely you are to buy them. Tap or Swipe up on any sneaker in the AR mode to see the price and description. If you like them, just tap on the cart button next to the sneaker, or the ‘Buy in Store’ option and the app takes you to the online store where you can buy them.

It’s the perfect next step for this era where online shopping is dominating the commercial world. Now you can see how a shoe would look like from the comfort of your home and then decide if its worthy of your investment or not.