Facebook is at the forefront of video calling for friends and families to connect in these hard times. More than 700 million WhatsApp and Messenger users participate in video calls every day. And now, it’s about to get more interesting with Messenger Rooms rolling out on Facebook.

Messenger Rooms enables Facebook users to create or join a video call with up to 50 participants at a time. Anyone with the link to a messenger room can request to join the video call, even when they don’t have a Facebook account.

Is Messenger Rooms a Zoom Alternative?

Yes, and no. If you’ve been using Zoom only to video call a large group of friends and family members, then Messenger Rooms is a perfect and secure video calling service from Facebook that you can use as a Zoom alternative.

Messenger Rooms has all the casual features of Zoom as far as video chats for friends and family go. You can create a room with up to 50 participants, anyone can join with a link, no time limit on video calls, and most importantly no need for a Facebook account to join.

However, Zoom has many features necessary for conducting business meetings. If you’re a professional or a business, you may not find Messenger Rooms as a good alternative to Zoom. We suggest you look into Google Meet for business use.

What’s Different in Messenger Rooms than normal Video calling on Facebook?

Messenger Rooms on Facebook has a redefining list of new features that is new to video calling on Facebook.

  • No Facebook account needed to join a video call created in Messenger Rooms.
  • You can lock a room once everyone has joined so that no one else can join even if they have an invitation to the video call.
  • Permission to enter a room is required to join a video call in Messenger Rooms. Only the host of the meeting room can grant permission to let someone in.
  • Block someone from entering a room when you’re in. If you’ve blocked someone on Facebook or Messenger, they won’t be able to join a call in which you’re present in the room.

Can’t find Messenger Rooms on your Facebook account? Well, Facebook is only gradually rolling out Messenger Rooms in select countries this week. Remaining countries will get Rooms in the next few weeks.