On January 14, 2019, HBO had dropped the first official teaser and release date of the 8th and final season of Game of Thrones. On April 14, 2019, winter will be finally here and the long wait shall end. GOT — with its twists and turns, shocking betrayals, and tragic deaths — is a show that keeps us hooked on our seats. No wonder, the show has broken all records and its latest teaser has garnered more than 19 million views in just 4 days! But, there’s only one issue with GOT. Sadly, it’s ending this year and we want more. So, we know that a lot of people will be looking for shows like Game of Thrones. Well, check out this list that compiles the top 10 medieval shows you must watch if you are a GOT fan. Good news! several of these titles are streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Starz, and Amazon Prime.


If you love gore, violence, and nudity, then we would be surprised if you have not given this show a watch yet. This 4-season series is loosely based on Roman history that follows the story of the Thracian slave — Spartacus — who led an uprising against the Roman Empire. The blood-filled, drama-packed American TV series is full of gripping action scenes, political plots, awesome visuals, and emotional moments. It comprises one 6-episode miniseries which is a prequel and three 10-episode seasons.


History channel’s Vikings is another visually enticing series that transports you to the world of the Norse farmer-turned-warrior Ragnar Lothbrok — whose sole aim was to explore and raid new lands in England. The Canadian-Irish drama takes you on a journey that gives you a view of Ragnar’s sagas and his final ascent as a Scandinavian king. The series comprises 6 seasons with the last 3 seasons being of 20 episodes each. The later plots explore the triumphs of Ragnar’s sons in England, France, and the Mediterranean. History channel announced that the 6th season will be the last and final installment of the series.

The Tudors

If you are a fan of Margaery Tyrell from GOT and Bishop Heahmund from Vikings, then you should definitely watch The Tudors. This historical fiction series first released on the TV channel Showtime and is loosely based on the notorious 16th-century English king — Henry VIII. You are given a glimpse into the life of the young seductive monarch, his six marriages, and the English Reformation during his reign — along with scenes of dangerous political alliances and of course, a lot of lust. The show’s first episode premiered on April 1, 2007, and the finale of the 4th, last season was broadcast on June 20, 2010.


Who else thinks that Khal Drogo’s screen-time was really too less in Game of Thrones? If you are craving more of the power-packed performance from Jason Momoa, then our recommendation would be the historical period drama — Frontier — based on the North American Fur Trade in the 1700’s Canada. The plot follows the story of Irish-American outlaw Declan Harp who tries to break the monopoly of the Hudson’s Bay Company over Canada’s fur trade. This 3-season show premiered on Netflix on November 6, 2016, with all the seasons streaming now on the portal.


This is yet another visually rich historical drama that chronicles the events in the lives of soldiers Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo. It is set in Rome during 52 BC and follows the rise and fall of Julius Caesar and the transition of ancient Rome from a Republic to an Empire. The entire plotline is packed with fascinating politics, backdrops, costumes, and violence. This 2-season series was released on HBO, Rai 2, and BBC Two during the years 2005 and 2007.

Troy: Fall of a City

The eternal love of Helen and Paris that led to the fall of the Trojan city of Troy has been documented in several original Greek texts, artwork, and movies. However, we would recommend it if you are a fan of historical dramas woven into a visually striking tale. This engaging story of love, war, betrayal, and intrigue shall keep you glued with its phenomenal performances, royal costumes, and a gorgeous set. The 8-episode series first aired on BBC One on February 17, 2018, in the UK, with Netflix releasing it for the international audience.

Black Sails

If you are a voracious reader, then you must have surely read Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic Treasure Island. Well, the Starz drama Black Sails is its prequel, set 20 years before the events in the book in Providence Island and it comprises 4 seasons of 10 episodes each. The plot takes you on a ride across the seas of the Carribean as you witness the sagas of the notorious pirate Captain Flint, his crew, and his enemies. Give it a watch if you already are a fan of Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Carribean and want a real-time view of the Golden Age of Piracy.

The Last Kingdom

Once you are done with Vikings, you can give this British historical drama a watch. The 4-season series (with the 4th installment to be aired by Netflix) is based on the novel series – The Saxon Stories. The story is set around 9th century England when its 7 kingdoms were repeatedly plundered and raided by Viking warriors. The tale follows the protagonist Uhtred of Bebbanburg, who is captured and adopted by Earl Ragnar and documents his story as he struggles between his original Saxon ancestry and current Viking upbringing.

The Crown

When you still haven’t got enough of GOT’s Khaleesi and Cersei, then watch The Crown — based on the life of the real British Queen Elizabeth II. This series is a real take on the life of the young monarch from her ascent to the throne in the1940s to the modern era. Set amidst lavish settings, Netflix has premiered two of its seasons till date. The third season will premiere somewhere in 2019.

Medici: Masters of Florence

Are you missing the presence of the enigmatic Robb Stark already? Well, then you are for a treat. Watch Richard Madden in the titular role of Cosimo de’ Medici in Medici: Masters of Florence. The 2-season British-Italian period drama is set in Florence during the 15th century. When Cosimo inherits the Bank of Medici after his father Giovanni’s mysterious death, we get a glimpse of medieval Italy and Giovanni’s relationship with both his sons.

Can you think of any other medieval shows like Game of Thrones that we have missed? Then let us know in the comment section below!