Arc Browser is full of intriguing features. Boosts in Arc Browser are undeniably one of the cooler aspects of the browser that I can definitely see other browsers implementing in some capacity down the line.

How to Use Boosts in Arc Browser
Create a unique experience for yourself on the Internet using Boosts in Arc Browser.

While you can create your own Boosts in Arc, you can also install Boosts created by others, which makes the whole setup even better. Because why waste your time doing something if someone else has already done it and, might I dare say, done it better?

The only hiccup in this plan is actually finding some good Boosts shared by other users. Well, don't worry, because we've taken care of that. Here are some cool Arc Boosts for YouTube that you'll want to check out.

Note: The Boosts shared from Arc's Boost Gallery can be installed directly. However, boosts that require JavaScript coding cannot be shared due to security purposes. As such, Boosts shared from 'Arc Boosts' that have JavaScript coding will need you to manually create a new Boost for YouTube and copy/ paste the JavaScript code.
No YouTube Shorts Plz
Stay away from YouTube Shorts with No YouTube Shorts Plz, an Arc browser boost that filters out short-form videos for a more curated YouTube experience.
Distraction-Free YouTube
Eliminate distractions while watching YouTube with Distraction-Free YouTube, an Arc browser boost that provides a cleaner and more focused video-viewing experience.
Matte Black YouTube (for MKBHD)
Customize your YouTube experience with Matte Black (for MKBHD), an Arc browser boost tailor-made for fans of tech reviews.

Manual Installation Boosts:

YouTube Click to Play - Arc Boosts
Arc Boost that displays thumbnail images instead of auto-playing videos on channel pages etc.
Youtube Spotify Link - Arc Boosts
Search songs in YouTube and get the Spotify link of the song, via one button press.
YouTube Progress Bar Preserver - Arc Boosts
Arc Boost to keep the YouTube progress bar in view at all times
No chat Youtube Live - Arc Boosts
Remove the chatbox on the side of a youtube live
YouTube - Time Remaining Counter - Arc Boosts
Arc Boost to display the remaining time and percentage below the video

Boosts are a powerful feature of the Arc browser that allow users to customize their browsing experience on websites like YouTube. By finding and installing Boosts created by other Arc users, you can benefit from the work of others.