Netflix’s Original Orange is the New Black aka OITNB is a women prison drama, filled with humor, which makes it a light watch. However, if you are looking for a darker, grittier, and more realistic take on the prison life, you should definitely go for the Australian show Wentworth. With all 6 seasons streaming now on Netflix, here are the top 8 reasons why you should include this series on your watch list.

It Is Realistic

Each episode of Wentworth is filled with violence — packed with drug smuggling, gang wars, rape, even murder, and mutilation. This gives us a real view into what a top-security women prison actually looks like. Sometimes, the scenes become so horrific, that a normal viewer may almost find it unbearable to watch.

The Women Are Badass

Women in Wentworth are portrayed as true criminals and not merely victims of social causes. They are bad! When Bea Smith is imprisoned on charges of murder, we see how her character slowly develops to embrace her darker side. And the show is not only about her. It is about her rival Franky, the sinister governor Fergusson, the sympathetic Liz, and others. Each character makes you feel that in fact, this would be what life would be like inside a prison.

It’s Perfect for Binge Watch

Every season of Wentworth has a definitive ending. There are no loose ends and the viewers are not left hanging. Moreover, the creators have made it sure that the story doesn’t drag. Conflicts are resolved quickly and questions are answered as per your satisfaction.

The Cast Is Fabulous

Each character in Wentworth has done a fabulous job. Be it the victim turned warrior turned top dog – Bea Smith, the alpha woman – Franky, the innocent Doreen, the comic Boomer, or the motherly Liz – each prisoner is so seamlessly created. Wentworth has also succeeded in giving us the best villain of all times — who we love to hate — the sadistic governor Joan Fergusson. Even the guards have their own secrets and guilt – making Wentworth a wonderful, character-driven show.

It’s a Legacy

Wentworth is based on Prisoner — the original show which ran for 692 episodes — making it an iconic, international show. And, the makers of Wentworth have not only paid faithful homage to the original but have also arguably improved upon it.

It’s Unpredictable

The creators of Wentworth have made it sure that the plot is never predictable. The 1st season had 3 shocking deaths — thereby, changing the entire course of action. So, you can’t guess who would go next. After all, the main mantra of this show is — kill or be killed.

It’s for Both Men & Women

Being a women-centric show doesn’t make Wentworth a show fit only for the fairer sex. It can be enjoyed by men as well. Anyone can enjoy and relate to this show and it’ll give you a lot to discuss with whomever you decide to watch it with.

It’s Also Emotional

Apart from the gang beatings and conspiracies, the women also form strong bonds of friendship within the prison walls. The roller-coaster ride of emotions shall make you laugh, cry, and get really upset — all at the same time. No two episodes are alike and won’t be able to describe your emotional state until the end of it.

So, if you haven’t given it a watch yet, you should start right away. Wentworth cannot and would not disappoint anyone (EVER)!