Apex Legends is the most wanted game right now. It has been only two weeks since its release but millions of players are already playing the battle royale game on their PC, Xbox One, and PS4. However, it’s unfortunate that PC owners who happen to be using an AMD Phenom processor aren’t able to play the game because of an incompatibility issue.

On AMD Phenom powered machines, Apex Legends crashes to desktop when starting a match. The game will load to the main menu without issues but as soon you hit the Ready button to play the game, it crashes without any error.

EA has responded to the issue but it’s the last thing AMD Phenom users wanted to hear. An EA community manager has declared that AMD Phenom CPUs are unsupported by the game and that the processor doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements, making it clear that EA is not interested in fixing the issue.

“We appreciate your patience while this was brought to EA and Respawn’s attention.

Apex Legends cannot run on PCs using an AMD Phenom (or older) processor. We’re sorry if this means you can’t play with your current PC (trust us, we want you to play the game as much as you do).”

by EA_Blueberry

Is it true that AMD Phenom can’t run Apex Legends?

Absolutely not. AMD Phenom CPUs are capable of running Apex Legends just fine. But it’s common for this CPU to have crashing and incompatibility issues with most modern games. While EA is telling the users that it’s unsupported, other game developers have helped out and patched their game to run with crashing on AMD Phenom CPUs.

“Clearly the game can be built with SSE compatibility set to SSE4a instead of SSE 4.1. I would be shocked if the additional SSE 4.1/4.2 instructions make any significant difference in performance of the game.

Maybe there’s value to telling people to upgrade their computers, but in my case, this is my son’s hand-me-down computer. It has a modern GPU and has proven sufficient for every game he’s wanted to play until now. So, do I spend money to upgrade it so that he can play this one game? Probably not.”

by ZaphodSG.

A large number of users like ZaphodSG are disappointed that EA is not interested in patching the game to support AMD Phenom CPUs.

Apparently, it’s not only AMD Phenom but even supported AMD processors such as FX-6300 and FX-6350 are unable to run the game without issues. Apex Legends crashes mid-game without any error on PCs running on AMD FX-6300 processor. Many users on the community forums have reported the issue, and while EA is aware it, the company is yet to release a patch to fix the problem.

However, thanks to a community member DanielHsn we now have a fix for AMD FX-6300 CPU at-least. According to DanielHsn, the game’s default dxsupport.cfg file makes the processor conflict between cpu_level 0 and cpu_level 1 and thus causing it to crash mid-game. If you modify the values in dxsupport.cfg file to only load the cpu_level 1, it completely fixes the crashing issue in the game for FX-6300 CPU.

How to fix Apex Legends crashing issue on AMD FX-6300 processor