Here’s some news for all Jason Momoa fans out there. Starring the sizzling Momoa in all his glamour and badass character — Aquaman — has become the highest grossing installment in the DC Universe, earning approximately $1 Billion worldwide. Although Wonder Woman was the 1st place holder before, Aquaman has smashed all records. Sorry, Gal Gadot!

So did you miss watching the Atlantan hero in the theaters? Worry not. Maybe, you still can catch him on Netflix (or maybe not)! Let’s find out.

Before going any further, here is another news for you. Warner Media are releasing their own streaming service by the time 2019 ends. Therefore, all their current titles available on Netflix right now will finally have to go. Hence, like all other new titles from Warner , we don’t expect Aquaman to premiere on Netflix anytime soon in the US.

However, in other countries like Japan and Australia, you can maybe see a few Warner movies being released in the future on Netflix.

So why not consider checking out our Hawaiian hunk in the cinemas itself, while shows are still available?