Bumblebee is the first and only character from the Transformers franchise who has received a standalone movie all for himself. The plot follows the autobot during the year 1987 when he, along with Optimus Prime, leave their planet Cybertron – in the midst of a civil war. On their way to Earth, where they plan to set up an operation base, they are attacked by a Decepticon and Bumblebee loses both his voice box and memory.

The movie generated quite a positive response from fans. And for all of us who have not watched it in the theaters yet, we are wondering if we can catch it on Netflix. Well, let’s try to find out.

In the US, Netflix might release the movie toward the end of 2019. This is based on speculations — depending on the platform’s past releases of the franchise. Moreover, since Netflix and Paramount have been working in close partnership throughout 2018, we can expect the streaming service to air several of its contents.

As for the UK, TV and Sky will probably first release the movie — just like all other latest films — followed by making it available on Netflix. Same is true for subscribers from Canada, who can expect to wait for sometime before they will be able to catch the Netflix version of Bumblebee.

Have you already watched Bumblebee or are you waiting for it to come on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!