Google Chrome doesn’t have a built-in dark theme like the Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox do. Last year, the company announced its intention of rolling out a dark mode for the Chrome browser but, the release is long overdue.

However, Google recently enabled a command flag on the Chrome Canary build for interested developers and users to test dark mode in Chrome. It’s in no way finished yet, and might take some time to reach the stable releases of Chrome. But if you like to live on the bleeding edge, below is a guide to get dark mode in Chrome right now.

How to enable Dark Mode in Chrome

Download Chrome Canary

  1. Dark Mode is currently only available on Chrome Canary version, download and install on your PC using the link above.
  2. Right-click on the Chrome Canary shortcut created on the Desktop post downloading » select Properties.
  3. Edit the Target box under the Shortcut tab by adding the following command at the end (as shown in image):

  4. Click Apply, then OK.
  5. Launch Chrome Canary by using the shortcut you just edited on the Desktop. It should open with a Dark theme.