Time needed: 5 minutes.

Startup programs in Windows 10 can be managed directly from the Apps Settings screen. Microsoft has made it dead simple to disable or change startup apps in Windows 10 with the recent updates to the OS.

  1. Go to Settings » Apps

    Open Start menu, click on the Settings gear icon, and then select Apps from the available options.
    Windows 10 Settings Apps

  2. Open Startup apps screen

    Select Startup from the left panel. You’ll see a list of apps associated with the startup script on your system. You disable and change the startup apps as per your preference.

  3. Disable or Change Startup programs

    To disable an app from starting alongside the system, Turn Off the toggle next to it. Do it for all the apps that have the High or Medium impact label, or the ones which aren’t useful for your setup.
    Disable Startup apps Windows 10

That’s it. We hope the information on this helped you.