Breakout Rooms are a huge asset in managing larger meetings and getting more work done in the same amount of time. People can get together in smaller groups and brainstorm for ideas, something that has a tendency of becoming chaotic when larger groups are involved. So it’s a no-brainer that virtual breakout rooms too enjoy immense popularity.

Teachers, especially, love Breakout Rooms in as they can assign group assignments to students even when teaching remotely. So it’s no surprise that you’re wondering whether your collaboration app has breakout rooms. The quick answer is that Cisco Webex does have Breakout Rooms but there are some strings attached.

What are these strings that we speak of? Well, you can use Breakout Rooms in Webex only if you are using the Cisco Webex Training suite. Breakout Rooms are not available with the free Webex meetings account, or even other suite plans like Webex Meetings, Webex Events or Webex Support.

Should You Upgrade to Cisco Webex Training Suite?

The type of plan you should choose depends solely on you and your organization’s requirements. Before you make any decisions, you should go through the comparison between the different suites thoroughly.

The Webex Training Suite has some wonderful features in addition to the Breakout Rooms like Polling, Q&A sessions, surveys, a panel of presenters, and other teaching tools. In short, the suite is designed completely for users with e-learning and training needs. So if it meets your usage needs, go for it.

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If you need to use Breakout Rooms in Webex, the feature is available in the Cisco Webex Training Suite. There is no direct online purchase option for the plan, so you’ll need to contact Cisco’s sales department to understand their pricing model.