Bulk Add Members in Microsoft Teams with ‘Refined Microsoft Teams’ Chrome Extension

Bulk Add Members in Microsoft Teams

Create large teams effortlessly with this chrome extension for Microsoft Teams web app

Microsoft Teams is a great Workstream Collaboration app that organizations use worldwide to work efficiently. It has a lot of great features that users love. But no matter how great something is, there is always room for improvement. The same happens to be true for Microsoft Teams. There are a few areas that need sprucing up in Microsoft Teams. For instance, Microsoft Teams does not allow you to bulk add members when you are creating a new team.

But there’s some good news for Microsoft Teams Web app users. You can have additional features such as bulk-adding members and more quite easily. How, you ask? With ‘Refined Microsoft Teams’ extension. It adds a few extra features to the app making the experience more “refined”. As it is a Chrome extension, you can only benefit from it when using Teams on the web app instead of the desktop app.

‘Refined Microsoft Teams’ chrome extension adds the option to bulk add users, guests as well as organization members when you are creating a new team. You can add up to 100 members in a single go with this extension. The feature to bulk add members automatically appears while you are creating a new team.

Additionally, it also offers a highly innovative column view (up to 2 columns) to organize your team channels. If you have too many teams and channels, the column view organization can come quite handy. Organizing the channels in 2 columns instead of a single long list will help you get a neater look for your teams.

Channels organized in 2 columns in the Microsoft Teams Web app.

You can enable and disable the column view as per your requirement from the extension options.

The ‘Refined Microsoft Teams’ extension is a must-have Chrome extension if you often create large teams for your organization. It is simple, yet efficient. Users can also use the extension to merge the “General” channel into the team name if there is no channel in the team, making your Teams space even more compact and neat.